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The Best Cultural Experiences in the UAE

The UAE is a melting pot of the world’s richest cultural treasures. With a long history of trade, geopolitics, and developmental twists, this part of the Middle East is a fascinating study of multicultural heritage. The art, architecture, food, and lifestyle of the UAE are heavily influenced by traditional Arab and Islamic values. The natural landscape comprising deserts, sea coasts, and sunny days also affects the sports and day-to-day activities of its people.

If you are visiting the UAE, you are sure to encounter cultural wonders that are special to this place. Let us look at the topmost experiences that define the majestic world of Arabian delights!

1. Visit The Grand Mosque

The Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi and serves as the centerpiece of worship for locals. The offices of this mosque help in creating a center of learning and cultural activities in the mosque. The library, which is housed in the northeast minaret has a treasure trove of classic books and publications related to a variety of Islamic subjects, historical arts, and calligraphy.

The largest mosque in the country, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, is a key place for daily prayers

2. Take an Abra across the Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is a natural saltwater creek and tidal inlet. Throughout history, the creek has been used as an important site for fishing, pearling, and general trade. In earlier times, the Emirati traders used a traditional wooden boat called the abra for crossing this waterway. Now you can get a modern version of the Abra to navigate across this creek. The old-school charm of this waterway remains alive in the wooden Abras, traditional markets, and landmarks that are scattered along the way.

3. Enter a UNESCO site hidden in the Desert

The Jebel Hafeet Beehive Tombs were built over 5,000 years ago as sacred burials for the early inhabitants of the Al Ain region. Located in the deserts of Abu Dhabi, they have been designated as UNESCO Heritage Site. Visiting them would give you a peek into the hidden world of bronze age culture and artifacts. Important trinkets such as beads, pottery, and spears as well as structures of archaeological importance are being found here to date.

4. Learn all about Falconry

The sport of Falconry is an important part of Emirati culture. As UAE’s national birds, falcons have served as a hunting partner and desert companion for the Arabian people for centuries. To learn about the interesting world of falconry, you can visit the Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi. As a healthcare and research facility for these birds, this place provides insights into the nature, training, and special features of the falcon.

5. Get a Henna tattoo 

Decorating the body with henna painting originated in Arabic countries decades ago. This practice uses a paste of henna leaves to create patterns on the skin. As an art form, henna painting has ceremonial value as it is believed to bring good luck. To get a wholesome cultural experience, you must get a henna painting for yourself at the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village.

How to get an immersive tour of the UAE

The beauty and richness of the UAE soil are a joy to experience for most tourists. If you are planning to see this multicultural land in all its glory, you need a vehicle that lets you take control of your trip. 

Public transportation is affordable but comes with many constraints. First of all, you’d rely on a public schedule and this involves a lot of waiting. There are fewer options for doorstep pick-ups, so you’d also have to walk a lot in between traveling. This is why you need to find a vehicle that fits your schedule and requirements.

A private car would be ideal, but it is an expensive investment. This is where car rentals come to the rescue! Now you can book a comfy car that stays flexible and personalized to your needs. Just download the ekar app and select from a wide range of vehicles, and rent them for however long you need it. No contracts, only 100% flexibility.

You can find cars in your area and simply walk to them to unlock them via the ekar App. Easy, right?
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