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Stop Getting Ripped Off Buying Alloyed Gold Jewelry Online

Visit Yincity Gold before buying any Gold Jewelry online to learn the truth about the U.S. Gold Jewelry industry.  Subscribe to get your free copy of our 2023 U.S. Gold Jewelry Pricing Study.  In it, you will find the information no U.S. Jeweler will ever disclose to the customer.  It will save you thousands of dollars!  Do not buy any Gold Jewelry before seeing the markups charged by U.S. Retail and Luxury Jewelers.

As the U.S. Gold Jewelry online market grows, U.S. consumers are unknowingly being ripped off for billions of dollars every year by U.S. Retail and Luxury Jewelers such as Macy’s, Kay, Zales, David Yurman, and Tiffany, to name a few.

You have probably heard the prevailing myth that 24k Gold is too soft for Jewelry.  The truth is that 24k Gold is not too soft for Jewelry. In fact, 24k Gold Jewelry was and still is the standard in the Eastern World long before Gold Jewelry was sold in the U.S.  The myth is promulgated by U.S. retail jewelers so they can maximize profit by selling their customers diluted, heavily marked-up alloyed Gold Jewelry because pure gold is extremely expensive (Currently over $1,800 for a troy ounce of gold), Jewelers mix cheap metals such as copper, nickel, and zinc with Gold to produce “Alloyed Gold which is sold to the consumer as more practical for wear and tear.  Pure 24k Gold is far heavier and denser than Alloyed Gold, and while it is more malleable, it actually wears better over time.

When Gold Jewelry has been recovered from thousands of years ago, if it were made from cheap Alloyed Gold it would be rusted and corroded.  But Pure 24k Gold Jewelry is for Kings.  It does not corrode, it will not rust or tarnish, and it has an unmistakable Deep Gold, Yellowish Hue. This 24k Gold Bracelet from thousands of years ago sold at the Christies auction retains its properties because it is made from 24k Gold, not Alloyed Gold.


B.C. Greek Byzantine 24k Gold Bracelet Christies Auction


Yincity Gold 24K Open Link Bracelet

The U.S. Jewelry industry sells diluted (10k 14k 18k) Alloyed Gold jewelry at markups 200%-300% or higher than the Jewelry’s actual Gold value!  In Asia and other parts of the world, the standard for purity in Gold Jewelry and the way Gold Jewelry is priced and sold is radically different from here in the U.S.

In countries like China and India, Gold Jewelry is generally made from solid 24k Gold and no lower than 22K in purity.  Gold Jewelry pricing is transparent and sold based on a simple formula that takes into account:

 1)  The Purity And Weight Of Gold

  2)  Market Price Of Gold

  3)  A Fee For Design And Labor

This criterion is common knowledge to the eastern consumer and reflects the principle that Gold Jewelry is an investment in Gold, not just a fashion accessory. In the U.S., however, Jewelers maximize profit at the consumer’s expense by being un-transparent. If you visit your local retail, mall, or luxury jeweler, you will find the following:

1) Gold Jewelry Is Diluted And At Most 18k In Purity (Mostly 10k & 14k)

 2) Jewelers Don’t Disclose The Weight Of The Jewelry

  3) Jewelers Wonʼt Disclose How Jewelry Is Priced Or Their Markup

Yincity Gold Produces The Highest Quality 24k Gold Jewelry at Savings of 200%-300% Or More When Compared To U.S. Retail And Luxury Brand Jewelers.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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