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Sustainable Roofing Choices for a Greener Tomorrow

Sustainable roofing choices do not affect the environment or anybody living in that area. This can also help conserve a lot of energy by minimizing the daily electricity requirements up to a great extent.

If you are looking for a trusted roofer in Glendale, then you can contact Wright Roofing in Glendale. Now, let us know about a few sustainable roofing choices for a greener tomorrow.

Metal Roofing:

Metal roofing is one of the most energy-efficient options available that you can choose for your home. This type of roofing material can save a lot on your electricity bills. They are also very durable and hence can last for so many years.

Metal roofs reflect sunlight thereby keeping your home cool in the summer season. However, they are a bit expensive as compared to the traditional asphalt shingles.

But they will save a lot on your energy bills in the long run. Hence, you can think about choosing this type of roofing material for your home.

Solar Roofing:

Solar roofing can solve the energy requirement of your home thereby creating energy from sunlight. Hence, they are getting very popular among house owners.

People are keen to install solar panels on their roofs to meet the energy needs of their homes. Many states are also providing tax depreciation benefits to the house owners who install solar panels on their roofs.

However, installing a solar panel can be very costly as solar panels are very costly than the traditional roofing materials. But, they will benefit you in the long run thereby decreasing the energy bills of your home.

Green Roofing:

Green roofing has gained popularity over time and become every house owner’s choice these days. Green roofing has a soil covering and also has plants on it.

Hence, it is very eco-friendly as it contributes a lot to the environment by saving energy usage in your home. However, this type of roofing costs more than other roofing options available for your home.

However, this type of roofing can reflect sunlight and hence keep your home cooler in the summer season.

Thus, it decreases the usage of cooling systems in your home thereby contributing a lot to the environment.

They are a very good option for the areas that are susceptible to extreme weather conditions.

Asphalt Shingles are the best eco-friendly option:

These types of roofing materials are very popular among house owners. They can be available in different colors and are inexpensive compared to other roofing options available for your home.

You can install them easily. However, they are prone to breakage if exposed to extreme rain, wind, or storms. Hence, they are not as durable as other roofing materials.

Install tile Roofing:

These are made of clay and are usually attached to a wooden frame. However, there are other options available for you if you do not like wooden frames. You can choose tile roofs with metal or plastic frames also.

 These roofing materials are very durable and last up to several years. Also, they are fire-resistant.

However, it is very expensive to install a tile roof and they are less energy-efficient compared to other options available.

Upgraded home insulation:

Your home insulation will make your house energy-efficient. Hence, you can upgrade your home or attic insulation to keep the indoor temperature at a moderate level. This will help you save a lot on energy bills. 

Recycled Roof Shingles

Recycled roof shingles are a popular choice for a roofing project that every homeowner would love to use. Manufacturers produce roof shingles by upcycling rubber and plastics, which is a great option for your roof. This can lead to sustainable way of living.


If you want to save a lot on your energy bills then you can go with the energy-efficient roofing options. Besides saving a lot on the electricity bills, these roofing materials provide comfort to you thereby maintaining a desired temperature inside your home.

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