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Studio Visit With Lucy Flagella in Ceramics Monthly Magazine: An Unforgettable Experience

Lucy Flagella is a ceramicist with a background in art. When she’s not creating beautiful works of art or teaching at her studio in Portland, she’s a visiting ceramics artist. In this exclusive interview with Ceramics Monthly, she talks about how her love for ceramics began, her favorite clay types and techniques, and much more.

Lucy owns and operates Ceramics Monthly. This monthly magazine features unique and affordable art and home décor ideas, as well as reviews of ceramics, glass and porcelain art and design trends.

She has a studio in Portland, Maine, and she also teaches at the Portland MFA Ceramics program. Lucy is a registered artist, and she specializes in functional yet beautiful ceramic art. She’s also an avid traveler and a foodie.

In this interview, she shares her thoughts on what it’s like to be a visiting ceramics artist, creative differences between working in a studio and teaching, the importance of the studio visit, and much more.

How did you start your ceramics journey?

I’ve always had a love for art, but I didn’t begin to explore my artistic side seriously until I went to college for visual arts. I studied under a ceramicist, and my experience in the studio was a big turning point for me. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of using clay as a means to create functional, beautiful items.

What was your path in ceramic art?

After college, I moved to Portland, Maine, to study with a ceramist, Patricia Baram. I switched my major from visual arts to ceramics, and I fell in love with the pottery classes, which is something I’ve continued to explore through the years.

Favorite clay types and techniques

I love working with a variety of clays: French grey, patina, rust and more. I also love to play with stains and powders, too. Some of my favorite techniques include baking, decomposing, sculpting, forming and infill.

My favorite clays to work with are Portland Gray, French Grey, Patina and Copper.

Working conditions in a studio

I love working in a studio because it’s so comfortable and relaxed. I can get into my creative flow without having to worry about commuting, kids, work or anything else. Plus, it’s really easy to interact with other ceramicists because we all have the same studio address.

It can be hard to balance work and life while studying ceramics full time, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. You just have to be patient, take some breaks and try to find time for other things in your life.

The importance of the studio visit

The most important thing you can do as a visiting ceramic artist is make an impression. Visiting ceramists are usually so nice and they’re there to see and be seen. Don’t be shy. Make a big deal out of visiting the studio. Ask questions. Learn about the techniques. You don’t have to be an expert, just a curious person. The studio visit is a chance for you to show up and be seen. Be confident. Be yourself. And most importantly, have fun!

The best gift you can give as a ceramic artist

If you’re lucky enough to get a studio visit, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with the world. Make a big deal out of it. Don’t keep it to yourself. Share your experience with other visiting ceramicists via social media, email or in a post-visit note.


Ceramics is a creative outlet for all kinds of people. From functional art to beautiful wedding table settings, ceramics is a great way to bring your vision to life.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced artist, visiting a ceramics studio is a unique and unforgettable experience.

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