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Stock Investment- Is It Safe Or Not?

The potential for significant profits is the primary motivation for individuals to consider stock market investments. Often, individuals think of the safety of their stock investments. Stock investments are safe if investors know their risk appetite and their objective in investing, and are able to track the volatility in their stock market investments. 

Structurally, stock markets are safe through various mechanisms. The SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) ensures that investors are able to transfer their capital through stock exchanges and brokers. However, the risk element lies in knowing the volatility and market sentiment. Various aspects affect the movement of stocks – macro-economic conditions, political news, sectoral cycles and investor sentiments.

Ways to Increase the Safety of Stock Investments

Individuals can take care of various aspects to enhance the safety of their investments in the stock market. The following are the various measures they can take to alleviate the risks associated with and increase the safety of their investment portfolios.

  1. Approach SEBI-registered Stockbroker

Individuals need a demat account to start investing in the stock market. Demat account meaning is a safe repository for financial assets one holds in the stock market. Each security one buys or sells in the stock market is reflected in the investor’s demat account. It is simple. They should approach a stockbroker registered with the SEBI. The capital market regulator SEBI keeps close surveillance on stock market activities. Every transaction that takes place in a demat account is closely monitored by the SEBI to ensure the safety of investors’ funds.

  1. Have a Financial Plan for Disciplined Investment

Stay focused on the financial plan and be opposed to panic while making decisions to accomplish financial goals, especially in a volatile market. By following a well-defined financial plan, one can avoid emotion-based decisions and short-term volatility.

  1. Invest in Business you Understand

Investors should always invest their capital in businesses that they understand well. It helps them to know the economic effects that can impact their investments.

  1. Focus on Long-term Perspectives

If investing goals allow, investors should choose a long time frame to get the most out of their invested capital. Long-term investment can spread the risk over the investment tenure, reduce the losses involved in the stock market and offer greater returns over time.

  1. Research to Make an Informed Decision

When looking at how to invest in share market, research is the foremost rule to be followed by investors. Investors cannot go by the name of a company or the industry they like. They need to know the company’s management, its financial strength, its standing position in the market, its future prospects, and other aspects before putting in their funds. 

  1. Diversification for a Broad Portfolio

A strategic allocation of funds can be helpful to reduce investment risk. One can diversify the investments across sectors, companies with different caps, and even geographies. Diversification does not ensure profits but it can balance the risk and returns. Gradually, it will help reduce the effects of volatility on an investment portfolio as they are not overexposed to any one security. Stay focused on sectors that can be dominant in the long run. Investors can invest in a mix of equities and other financial assets directly or choose to invest in mutual funds. 

  1. Manage Investment Portfolio

Unlike a fixed-income product, one cannot leave stocks lying without monitoring. They need to do portfolio monitoring. One should track their portfolios periodically and check the performance of stock and other market related instruments sector-wise. 

These are golden rules to consider while making investment decisions in the stock market. If followed prudently, investors can ensure safety and increase their chances of getting good returns.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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