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Sri Lanka Tourism – The Best Places to Stay in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, known as the Emerald Isle, boasts many natural and manmade attractions to offer its visitors. Discover its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, tour tea plantations estates, or explore towns rich with colonial history – each has something special for visitors!

Udawalawe and Yala National Parks provide breathtaking wildlife safari experiences, while Arugam Bay boasts beautiful azure skies with coconut trees swaying in the breeze. If surfing is what excites you, head there for endless surf breaks and breathtaking azure waters.


Colombo offers many tourist attractions, hotels, and restaurants for visitors. A popular place for lodging in Colombo is Mount Lavinia which features beaches with bars and restaurants nearby; another option could be Bambalapitiya with upscale shops as well as the Majestic City mall.

Colombo enjoys an almost ideal climate throughout the year, averaging around 88deg Fahrenheit on an annual basis. There is little diurnal variation, yet during monsoon seasons (May through August and October through January), temperatures can change considerably.

One of the most enticing activities in Colombo is visiting the Old Galle Lighthouse, with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean from its perch on the University of Colombo’s campus. Open to the public and complete with planetarium shows on Sundays for free admission, this popular attraction boasts spectacular vantage points of this vibrant metropolis. Colombo also boasts an advanced legal system: magistrate and district courts provide jurisdiction for felony crimes while municipal councils oversee parking tickets and traffic infractions.


Galle is an ancient port town on Sri Lanka’s South Coast with millennia of history that awaits discovery. If you enjoy history or simply like to soak up some sun, Galle offers plenty to keep you busy and entertain you!

Lighthouse and clock tower add stunning touches to Fort Lucern. Both structures were constructed to honor humanitarian doctor Peter Daniel Anthonisz who helped save lives during the 2004 tsunami disaster.

An essential part of exploring Galle’s old port would be a stroll along Fort’s outer walls at sunset, especially for couples huddling close together to take in its magnificent view. Walking also helps build your legs up for eating later, as it gives your muscles time to stretch before making your way around fruit and spice markets in search of some of Sri Lanka’s best tropical fruits (such as mangosteen or even oddly named lychee) as well as picking up spices for home.


Kanneliya Forest Reserve in Galle is an expansive rainforest reserve boasting many rare endemic species and recognized as one of 21 biodiversity hotspots worldwide. Additionally, Kanneliya serves as an important catchment area for two of Sri Lanka’s major rivers.

The forest complex of KDN is home to over 220 bird species – 26 are endemic! Additionally, many snakes and fish species reside here as well. For an exceptional view of KDN complex, Kabbale Mountain Peak makes an ideal viewpoint.

From December to April is the ideal time for visiting a forest, as rain showers tend to decrease and water sources become plentiful. Furthermore, December to April offers ideal viewing conditions of many trees, plants, and flowers in bloom as well as numerous medicinal plants like Weniwelgeta (latex used to stop bleeding) and Thaapasa Bulath (used against diarrheal illnesses).

Hiyare Rainforest

Hiyare Reservoir Rainforest and Conservation Area is an unforgettable place just a short drive from Galle. Home to an abundance of plants, animals and birds as well as freshwater and marine species alike, Hiyare offers visitors an unforgettable experience!

While Sinharaja Rainforest often takes center stage, Sri Lanka offers visitors many other rainforests and jungles for wildlife adventures. One such forest is Hiyare Rainforest which is managed jointly by Galle Municipal Council and Wildlife Conservation Society – offering visitors an unforgettable wildlife experience!

This rainforest is home to an abundance of diverse fauna and is an acclaimed biodiversity hotspot with numerous endemic species. To preserve this environment, Wildlife Conservation Society has initiated various projects like its Animal Rescue Program which ensures injured wildlife is rescued, treated before returning into nature; thus increasing populations of endangered species such as Ceylon Rose, Black Ruby Barb and two-spotted threadtail.

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