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A Guide To Surveys And Inspections That Should Be Conducted Before Purchasing A Property

According to the latest statistics, the property market in the UK has witnessed an increase in transactions for provisional properties. The seasonally adjusted residential transactions account for about 89,560 in March 2023. 

In such a scenario, surveying and inspecting a property before buying it is of paramount significance. 

If you have trouble getting information about a property beforehand, you may contact the team of estate agents in Fulham. With their extensive support, you can gain solid insights about buying a property in Fulham. 

Types Of Property Inspection

Qualified professionals conduct non-invasive and visual inspections of a property to evaluate its components. Here are six different categories of property inspection. 

  1. City Inspection– It takes place when the city or municipality inspects a property. They issue a Certificate of Habitability or a Certificate of Occupancy that ensure the security of living there. 
  2. State Inspection– Some locations make it a rule to check if a property is adhering to the habitability guidelines. 
  3. Construction Inspection– If your property is undergoing work, it will require extra checks in the form of a construction inspection. From electrical fittings to finished plumbing, and issues like framing, roofing, etc. this inspection ascertains whether all the work is up to code.  
  4. Insurance Inspection– Based on the carrier and the property, these inspections can be both exterior walk-throughs and internal evaluations. It helps in getting rid of future insurance claims.
  5. Bank Inspection– In case you are resorting to financing, the bank will conduct an inspection through a third-party appraiser. A multi-family home and commercial properties also have to go through environmental site inspections.
  6. General Inspection– A home inspector carries out this kind of inspection to prepare a report for the buyer. 

Significance Of Property Surveys

Before investing in the purchase of a property, researching it is crucial. This process is about due diligence, a real estate term that implies your knowledge of the state of the property. 

A property survey is a significant component of the procedure to assist you with background research and further beyond. Surveys that check the health of a property are detailed inspections to understand the property’s structure and condition.

Property surveys help you determine whether the property has any significant defects. In addition, the surveyor offers suggestions related to repairs and maintenance. 

Types Of Property Surveys

Based on your purpose, you can opt for any of the three kinds of property surveys- Condition Survey, Full Structural Survey, HomeBuyer Survey

Condition Survey

Also called Level 1 Surveys, they are condition reports that give you a concise assessment of the present condition of the property. Since they are not detailed, condition reports or surveys are better suited for modern properties in good condition. 

HomeBuyer Survey

The Level 2 HomeBuyer Survey only takes care of serious issues impacting property value and does not cover minute structural details. Therefore, recently built properties in good condition are suitable for these surveys. 

Full Structural Survey

Full Structural Surveys come in handy if the buyer wants to perform substantial work on the property. It is a comprehensive assessment of the property including the expenses of possible repairs. 

The Level 3 surveys guide you about every detail of the property. It is extremely useful in the case of large or old run-down properties. You can also choose this survey if the property has unusual elements. 

How To Conduct Surveys?

The listed areas will help in detecting most faults in the property.

  • Grounds: blockages, cracks, the slope of drains, foul drains, grading, paths, patios, gates, large trees, roof water discharge
  • Secondary Treatment Systems: access to septic tanks, ventilation of the system, shared waste system
  • Exterior Parts: peeling paint, staining, rodents, faulty hinges, gutters, exterior wiring, gas meter
  • Roof Coverings: missing tiles, roof flashings, skylights, chimneys, roof ventilation, roof-mounted equipment
  • Attic: vents, dropped ceiling lights, insulation, wiring splices, moisture penetration, water storage tank
  • Structure: floors, stairs, condensation vents, fireplaces

Generally, the cost of property surveys in the UK range between 400-pound sterling and 1,425-pound sterling (approx). It varies based on the type of survey, the required level of detailed information, the location and the value of the property. Therefore, it is noteworthy that you reach a conclusion about the extent and fees for the survey. 

A surveyor must have all the expert skills to carry out surveys. In addition, they should possess a proper working knowledge of the law in areas concerning their profession. 


Now that you have a solid idea about surveys and inspections, you can purchase a property without stress. Though you can do it yourself, choosing expert professionals will allow you to have in-depth inspection procedures.

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