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Some Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Choosing a Name for Your Business 

As a business owner, you will face problems choosing an accurate name for your company. This is pretty common as more than 40% of entrepreneurs don’t know how to pick the perfect name for their business. After all, brainstorming is just the beginning process. Your list will start getting smaller once you determine the names that are already taken. After that, you need to pay attention to the trademark laws, branding, spelling snafus, and many more. 

The name you choose will either make or break your company. When you choose the right name, it will work as the fundamental of your and you will be able to capture the attention of the customers easily. On the other hand, mistakes will affect your severely. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid while choosing the perfect name for your company. 

You Copy a Well-Know Name for Your Company 

You should never copy names from other businesses. It will not only make your company look more unprofessional but you will also end up damaging your reputation. Many business owners copy or take inspiration from other names, which is an extremely bad step. You might think that you will save time and effort by copying the name from other businesses, but it will undoubtedly cause more damage to your brand image. You can also end up facing trademark infringement. Instead, you should use a company name generator to come up with unique and catchy business names. 

The primary point of branding is to capture the attention of people while also setting your business apart. Names are associated with a strong image. If you copy names from other businesses, your customers will be disappointed and start questioning the trust factor of your business. 

You Choose a Long Time 

When choosing a name, you need to make sure the name is short and simple. Imagine if you choose a long name. Longer names are not only difficult to spell or pronounce, but your customers will also face problems writing your name in their search bar. If you look at the other successful businesses, you will notice that most of them have short names. You need to ensure your name is short for two primary reasons:

  • Your customers have a short attention span. When your business name is short and simple, they will love to interact with your brand. If your customers need to search your company by lengthy name, you might lose to your competitors. As per News Week, poor customer engagement can also make your business lose to the competitors.
  • You will meet potential clients and customers everywhere. When you have a short business name, you can print it on your cards and your customers can remember your brand easily. 

If you do have to choose a longer name, consider choosing an abbreviated version as well. 

You Choose Complicated Spelling 

You should never choose complicated spelling for your business names. As mentioned earlier, customers have a small attention span. If you make a complicated spelling, you will end up confusing your customers. They will not only face problems reading but also remember your name. This is why you should choose business names that are easy to spell. 


These are some mistakes you need to avoid while choosing a name for your business. If you have any other questions, make sure you let us know. 

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