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I Need My House Sold yesterday, How Fast Can I Sell It

How Fast Can I Sell a Home?

The process of selling a house is known to be a long one. Sellers are used to waiting several months for a house sale due to long waiting times for loan approvals. But times have indeed changed, and thankfully it is possible now to sell a house in a matter of weeks only. In some cases, an experienced “We buy houses” company can even close a deal within just a week. For sellers looking for a quick home sale, “we buy houses” companies prove to be a reliable option.

How Fast are “We Buy Houses” Companies?

So, “we buy houses” companies are fast, but how fast are they? You get the idea of the quickness of selling a house for cash by the fact that when you contact a cash buyer, they come up with a cash offer for your home within just 24 hours. For comparison, in a traditional sale, you could be waiting for days, and in some cases weeks or months, only to receive an offer.

“We buy houses” companies operate independently of mortgage backing or loan requirements. So, by avoiding the months-long procedures of mortgage and loan approvals, “we buy houses” are able to close a house deal in just a few weeks. Many local “we buy houses” companies that know your local real estate market very well can even complete a deal in as few as seven business days. This makes “we buy houses” the fastest and most reliable way to sell a house. Benefits offered by a cash home buyer include:

  • Instant cash offer
  • Completely hassle-free process
  • Can buy a house as-is
  • No cleaning or staging of property required
  • No negotiations with potential buyers
  • Very fast closing
  • No agent fees

Cash home buyers may offer less cash than the house’s market value, but the convenience they offer is second to none, and for many sellers, it more than makes up for the lesser cash offer.

Are There Other Ways to Sell a House Fast?

Other than “we buy houses” companies, the only other option that comes close is iBuyers. iBuyers, or instant buyers, are real estate investors with corporate backing. They do not use traditional valuation methods; instead, they use technology to determine a property’s worth. The software they employ determines a house’s value using a string of data related to housing values in the vicinity, national trends, and some other factors mixed in. 

An iBuyer may be able to offer you a little more money for your house than a “we buy houses” company, but they are not reliable due to their limited availability. This is why “we buy houses” are a more prominent option when it comes to a quick home sale.

There are definitely other ways to sell a house fast, but they are redundant if you want to close in mere days. It is without a doubt that “we buy houses” companies offer the quickest, easiest, and most convenient option when selling a house.

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