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Some Helpful Tips to Take Care of a Bedridden Elderly 

It can be really exhausting both emotionally as well as physically to be responsible for an ageing family member especially if they are bedridden. Being loving towards them is crucial when it comes to taking care of them.

Besides spending time with them, communicating regularly, and demonstrating one’s concern with them – everything must be taken into account. However, on the other hand, it can be very challenging to take care of them and improve their quality of life. Therefore, to make things easier here are a few tips that can assist you in taking care of them right away.

What Do You Mean by Bedridden?

Any individual who remains in bed for an extended period of time is known as bedridden. These individuals require long-term care as they may be permanently handicapped and prevented from performing any type of task independently. Apart from this, a long duration of time spent in bed can lead to discomfort and may even trigger other health issues which might further worsen the condition. 

Common Reasons Why One Might Become Bedridden 

Some of the reasons that might make one bedridden are listed below

Type of Ailment Cause of Restricted Movement 
Cancer Patient Cancer affects the bladder and bowel making it difficult for one to move.
Diabetes Unstable blood sugar levels and improper diet.
Stroke Patients Lead to Paralysis.
Arthritis Difficulty in moving and injury caused by pressure sores.
Asthma Breathing problems can lead to full-blown attacks.
AccidentsMishaps or Accidents causing nerve damage or fractures can make it difficult for one to move. 

Ways You Can Help Yourself in Taking Care of a Bedridden Elderly 

Here are a few simple tips that you can employ in taking care of an elderly bedridden person. 

  • Promoting Good Hygiene 

One of the first things to keep in mind when taking care of an elderly is to maintain good hygiene. As someone taking care of them, you must ensure that they are groomed and their basic hygiene is fulfilled. Some of the things you can do to assist them include 

  • Maintaining hand hygiene every time they eat or touch the areas they are not supposed to. 
  • Make sure that the elderly are given proper baths with minor assistance.
  • Ensure to maintain a healthy oral hygiene 
  • Keep changing their clothes on a daily basis
  • Remember to cut their finger and toenails besides shaving their beard or giving a good haircut when needed.
  • Breaking Their Day Up 

It can really be shocking for a healthy person to see themselves as bedridden. Instead of making them feel alone, try out things that can break their day up. For instance, you can invite family and friends so that they can talk about different things. 

You can choose to engage them in other activities which do not hamper their sickness. This includes playing on their favourite show on the television, playing cards with them, listening to music and more.

  • Preventing Bed Sores 

Bedsores are also known as pressure sores that happen when any individual spends an extended amount of time either sitting or lying. These can lead to developing severe pain and discomfort leading to consequences like limited life. 

Hence, you can insist they readjust and make movements. Also, it is very important to rely on hygiene tools if any sores become visible and prevent them from happening. 

  • Feeding Proper Nutrition 

There is no doubt how much it is important to maintain a nutritious diet. It becomes even more crucial when a person is unwell or recovering from a medical condition. Make sure to feed the person food items that have nutrients in the right proportion and keep them hydrated. 

Also, do not forget to maintain hand hygiene as it can lead to the spread of infections. In addition to this, it is highly suggested to keep a journal or consult with the doctor about the eating habits of the patient.

  • Keeping Bedpan Clean 

If the patient has problems moving, keep a backup bedpan ready for them to use. It may be very difficult in the beginning for them to use it, however, there is no other best option to rely on. 

Simply, it is far better not to wait till the patient’s condition worsens to learn that they might need one. If the patient agrees to use it, then go ahead but make sure to maintain complete cleanliness.

  • Keep Surroundings Clean

It can be really hassling for you to do it all alone. Taking care of an elderly bedridden person is not easy at all. But something that can help them to recover sooner than you can imagine is the surroundings they are in. 

This is why it is important to look after the room’s furnishings so that it enhances their comfort. The surroundings they are in should make them feel lively rather than depressed. Keep everything in their place to avoid decluttering and prevent avoidable falls.

  • Employing Empathy and Emotional Support 

There is no doubt about how challenging it can be to take care of a loved one. Even if you have the greatest of intentions, it would still become impossible to be patient all the time. You may feel overburdened as well as underappreciated at times. 

Therefore, try to be emotionally available for the patient besides employing empathy towards them. You can start off by communicating with them about your feelings or discuss other topics of their interest.

Seek Help Yourself If You Need Any!

Taking care of the elderly is not easy. You would want to sometimes take a break or need assistance from someone’s experience. In this case, do not hesitate as you are human too. Apart from this, to make your task easier, you can rely on hygiene tools besides other products from stores like ours at Medguard. We are the leading professional healthcare supplier who ensures to take care of all your medical needs. By offering excellent customer service and support, we have everything that you may need for diverse medical environments at affordable rates. 

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