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Roofing Safety 101: Protocols Every Homeowner Should Follow

Roof installation or repair can be a hectic process as it requires special skills, knowledge, and experience.

So, you should hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect, repair, or replace your roof.

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Arrange Protective Equipment for Working on a Roof

Employers should protect the workers from recognized hazards. So, you can arrange the protective gears for your workers before starting any roofing work in your home.

  • Use non-slip footwear
  • hard hat can protect from debris and dust
  • gloves can protect the hands from getting damaged.
  • Protect your eyes with safety glasses and visors
  • You should go with hearing protection like earplugs and muffs.
  • Go with fall protection like safety harnesses and lanyards
  • You should take preventive measures for respiratory protection.
  • Invest in wet weather gear.

Power Tools

You should use power tools when working on rooftops. However, you should hire professional roofers so that they can make the best use of these power tools.

Remember, lack of adequate knowledge on handling these tools can also cause accidents. So, you should make sure that the roofing company you hiring is trained enough to carry out big roofing projects.

Place your valuables in a safe place

When you are planning to install your roof, you need to remove furniture and other valuable things from that place so that the workers will start their work without any hassles.

During the roof replacement process, a lot of dust and debris accumulate in the space.

So, you need to remove the furniture and other assets from that place so that you can protect your valuables from getting damaged.

Do not allow your children on the construction site

While the roofing work is in progress, it is dangerous to roam in that space as debris and broken pieces of your wall may fall on you. It can cause severe injury if you roam around that place.

So, you should take care of your children and keep an eye on them so that they do not reach that place.

Cover your valuables with a tarp

If you cannot move things from the area that is under construction then you can cover them with a tarp.

Besides removable items of your home, there are cabinets and other fixtures that are fixed and cannot be removed.

So, you need to cover them so that they remain protected from the possible damage that can happen during the roofing work.

Carefully position ropes and extension cords

You should properly position the ropes and cords to avoid possible hazards during a roof replacement/ repair project.

Clean the roof properly before and afterthe roof repair/installation

If there are nails or hazardous substances on your roof, then you might face accidents while repairing process is going on.

If one random nail is there on your roof, then you might get injured. So, you should take care of this before starting any roofing work.

Use guardrails whenever possible

Guardrails can protect workers from falls and reduce the risk of injury and death from working on roofs.

Take care of your electric connection

If you are doing an extreme makeover of one portion of your house then you are required to disconnect the electric supply of that area.

This will ensure the safety of the workers as well as your family members. Remember, electric hazards can be very dangerous.

Protect the patio furniture:

You need to remove the patio furniture if you are planning for a roof replacement to avoid possible damage during the repairing process.

The roofers may move around your property to go on the roof.

Hence, you have to clear the area to facilitate easy access to your roof.

You can remove the outdoor furniture to facilitate a quick repairing process.

Remove all the lights and garden accessories:

 You can move solar lights (if any), plant pots, water fountains, statues from your garden area to protect them from debris that might fall on them during the roof installation work.

To ensure your delicate garden items do not get damaged, you need to transfer them to a safe place.


You can plan your roofing project properly so that you can complete this huge task efficiently without facing any issues. Take proper preventive measures to avoid any accidents during roof repair or installation.

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