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Renovations Ideas To Create a More Harmonious Home

What’s a harmonious home? Is it the cohesion of color schemes, decor themes, or floor plans? Creating a harmonious home environment goes beyond setting up and picking design items that create continuity. It’s about setting up an environment that induces a sense of calmness, encourages healthy living, and makes you and your family happy. Your home should promote a stress-free and tranquil lifestyle.

Does your home sound anything close to this? Don’t fret. We’re here to guide you on how you can create a visually harmonious home.

Let’s get into the renovation ideas.

Clutter Equals Chaos

Clutter around your home makes it hard to concentrate and relax after a stressful day. Studies have shown that people with too much clutter in their homes have high cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Stress and harmony don’t go hand in hand. On top of that, our brain negatively responds to clutter. Your brain will keep telling your body there is still work to do. Such a brain state makes it hard to relax. 

So, buy less, retain items that have a purpose, set up a home for every item in your home, and maintain a clean space. Factor in a home remodeling session to put up more storage solutions if you’re low on storage. Give thought to involving a home remodeling contractor to help build enough storage solutions throughout your home.

Colors and Tones

The colors and tones in your home influence your emotions. Therefore, pay attention to your home’s color scheme.

Let the colors in your home flow seamlessly as you walk from one space to the next. The color flow shouldn’t cause any disruption. 

Cohesive color flow doesn’t mean you should paint the same color throughout your home. You can play around with shades and tones.

Use cooler tones in the bedroom and warmer tones in the living spaces. Cooler tones evoke calmness while warmer tones are more energetic hence evokes happiness. Let your home remodeling contractor help you pick out colors that flow cohesively around your home.

Tone Down Design Elements

Don’t overcrowd design and decor items in your home. Simplicity is key to maintaining a harmonious home.

Take the minimalist route. It makes the room airer and easy on the eye. Also, create design balance around your home by evenly distributing decor pieces. Enrich your home with texture and patterns. 

Bring Nature Inside Your Home

Being connected with nature keeps you grounded. Therefore, find ways to introduce nature into your home. Add big and small plants into your home. If it’s possible, introduce greenery in each room.

You can go for faux plants if you struggle with a black thumb. Also, you can add natural finishes, decor pieces, or rugs to your home. You can also feel connected to nature through the colors on the wall or art. 

Appeal to your olfactory senses by adding flowers to your living spaces. 


Lighting makes a home brighter and more spacious. Therefore, you’ll need lots of natural and artificial lighting in your home.

Install indirect, warm, and dimmable lighting in your home. The variation in lighting will give off some sense of tranquility and transform your home into a sanctuary that takes you away from the bustle of your fast-paced lives.

Also, install big windows, skylights, glass doors, and lighter colors on the wall to let in and spread natural light around your home.

Customize Your Space

Your space should fully support your lifestyle, personal taste, and needs. Your feel at home and happy if every item reflects a little bit of you. Add items that are sentimental to you.

Set Up a Meditation Space

Think of creating a meditation space if you desire a place you can turn to after an exhausting day. Add a comfy chair, rug, pillows, a few books, scented candles, and warm lighting. But remember to keep it simple and eliminate any form of destruction.

Your aim should be to set up a space that lets your mind relax. It is important that the air is cool enough for you to focus. Set up your HVAC equipment and use your thermostat for better air conditioning.

Concluding Thoughts 

Your home environment affects your general wellbeing. It nurtures and supports you. Therefore, build a home that creates a peaceful, harmonious, and calming vibe. As discussed above, your goal should be to create a space that makes you happy and comfortable and reflects your personality. Find out how you view a harmonious home and what makes you feel at ease each time you walk into your home.

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