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Reforming insecure patients into strong and proud clients Dr. Cory Gaiser is one godsend cosmetic surgeon

Physical appearances matter more than some people like to claim. For instance, research shows that good-looking people do better in life, getting more job interviews, higher salaries, and having more friends than their less attractive counterparts. In addition, physical appearance can also affect your self-perception. You’ll naturally have lower self-esteem and self-confidence if you’re unhappy with your appearance.

For the longest time, people had few options for changing their physical appearance. They could gain or lose weight to improve their physical appearance. Men could grow beards, and women could use makeup, but that was it. But, then, science changed the game for everyone, especially as advancements in cosmetics and aesthetics became widespread. Today, doctors like Cody Gaiser are helping insecure patients turn their self-perception around by sculpting their ideal physical appearance with science.

Dr. Cory Gaiser has garnered massive acclaim for his work from patients nationwide. However, the funny thing is that he never intended to be a doctor, let alone the godsend cosmetic surgeon he’s lauded as today. He initially attended Gulf Coast University, obtaining an Associate’s Degree. Then, he enrolled in the University of Michigan, hoping to pursue a career in skills trade, emphasizing rough farming. After all, he wanted to own a construction company. However, his plans changed during his time at the University of Michigan. He became interested in medicine and decided to pursue a BA in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. 

After graduating, Cory enrolled in the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. As part of his degree, he spent two years studying in New York and another two years on St. Maarten Island. He eventually returned to the United States after completing medical school and signed up for a residency in Internal Medicine at the Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. A major primary care healthcare company employed him; the rest was history. 

That’s how life would work until Dr. Cory Gaiser, a board-certified Internal Medicine surgeon, and his wife had their first child. Motherhood can take its toll on a woman’s body, and Cory’s wife wanted to get some injectables to feel better about herself and return her body to its pre-pregnancy state. So they signed up with a doctor, and his wife was extremely excited about the procedure. But unfortunately, the experience was underwhelming. His wife left the doctor’s office unsatisfied, and Dr. Cory thought he could have provided her with a much better experience and outcome. 

This experience was the turning point for Dr. Cory Gaiser, which pushed him toward aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. He transitioned to the field seamlessly, taking to it like a duck to water. He discovered he excelled in the role and was particularly skilled in liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs). Today, Dr. Cory Gaiser is one of the most renowned surgeons in the field. He opened his practice, New Body Aesthetics, in 2019, and his practice quickly became one of the top cosmetic surgery locations in Ohio. As a result, this dynamic cosmetic surgeon won the Cincinnati Healthcare Hero Award in 2020. In addition, he and his practice were also awarded Cincy Top Doc 2021 and the Best Medspa 2021 awards. 

Moreover, the award-winning surgeon’s expertise has also led him to become a key opinion leader for Alma, a laser company. Besides being a key speaker for Alma, he also trains other providers on cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Cory Gaiser’s star continues to rise in the world of cosmetic surgery, as it should. A dedicated and passionate doctor, he cares about his patients and strives to share his passion and knowledge with his patients. 

If you’re looking for a makeover to boost your self-confidence, you’re in good hands with Dr. Cory Gaiser!

Junaid Awan
Junaid Awan
Junaid Awan is a well-known name in the blogging and SEO industry. He is known for his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, and has helped numerous businesses and individuals to improve their online visibility and traffic. He writes on business, technology, finance, marketing, and cryptocurrency related trends. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others to grow their online businesses.

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