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Suffering from Trichotillomania led Roxanne Hamedi to launch her own makeup line

Roxanne Hamedi has lived an interesting life. But, if you’ve ever heard about Trichotillomania, you’ll know it’s a disorder that causes people to pull their hair from their scalp, eyebrows, and other body areas. It’s an unpleasant disorder that can adversely affect people’s lives. 

Trichotillomania has been an ongoing problem for Roxanne, even though her symptoms were mild compared to other sufferers who are left with no hair at all. However, how she got to that stage requires examining and understanding her life. 

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Roxanne Hamedi is 29. Her parents are from Iran and migrated to Scotland, hoping for a better life for themselves and their children. As a result, she’s well-versed in both English and Persian. 

However, what makes Roxanne even more interesting is that you might have seen her on a popular reality TV show, Geordie Shore, especially if you live in the UK. The show has been a British reality TV lineup staple, lasting over eleven years and twenty-two seasons. Hamedi featured in the show’s 22nd season. 

Hamedi’s foray into reality TV might seem peculiar to some people, especially considering she holds a master’s degree in Pharmacy. In addition, she has also practiced as a pharmacist for over six years. The journey to becoming a pharmacist wasn’t easy or short. It took her around half a decade to accomplish. Meanwhile, the transition to becoming a reality TV star came out of the blue. 

Hamedi initially moved from Aberdeen to live with her now ex-boyfriend in London. The pair separated shortly after, and Hamedi was scouted on Instagram by network executives who were interested to know if she was single and liked to party. Like most youngsters in their early 20s, she obviously said yes. A few Zoom calls later, Roxanne Hamedi was on her way to MTV Studios in London to meet with the network executives. They informed her that she was being considered for Geordie Shore – a British reality TV staple. Naturally, Hamedi was thrilled.  

A few weeks later, Roxanne got into a taxi and traveled to Newcastle, where she quarantined for two weeks before filming for four weeks. Hamedi’s time on the show was captivating. She took to the screen like a duck to water, seeming completely natural. While most newcomers to reality television struggle to adjust to having a camera on them 24/7, Hamedi had no such reservations. She also performed admirably on the show, being the only regular person to finish the show after James Tindale – an original – asked her to be his girlfriend. So she essentially won the show. 

Ultimately, things wouldn’t work out, and Roxanne Hamedi learned the hard way. However, her time on the show reinvigorated her, and she wanted to use her platform to do something for herself that would make her future self proud. As a result, she devoted her attention to growing her cosmetic brand, A Selfish Soul

Roxanne started the brand during lockdown before she appeared on Geordie Shore. The pandemic was a trying time for most people, and Hamedi was no exception. A Selfish Soul is a unique cosmetics brand because it mostly focuses on eyebrow products, unlike other cosmetic brands. Her interest in creating eyebrow products started because she has suffered from Trichotillomania since she was in university and studying for her pharmacy degree. The course content was challenging and intensive, and Hamedi, during her exam preparation, often pulled out her eyebrow hair due to stress. As a result, she had to use numerous eyebrow products to cover up her eyebrows. 

Eventually, Hamedi realized she wasn’t alone. Others also suffered from Trichotillomania. Hence, she wanted to do something that would help others in a similar situation. That’s how A Selfish Soul was conceived. In fact, the brand is all set to launch a brow kit. And the best part is that as a pharmacist, Roxanne Hamedi plans to use her expertise to create new formulas that produce the best cosmetic products for her customers in the future as well. So, stay tuned!

Junaid Awan
Junaid Awan
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