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Reasons Why Using Smart Restroom Technology is Necessary

Facility managers can now reliably meet cleanliness and hygiene targets that have a demonstrable influence on the pleasure of tenants and the building’s ability to remain sustainable, thanks to the evolution of technology found in smart restroom technology.

The technology of smart buildings has been accepted and incorporated into a significant number of commercial buildings throughout the continent of North America. There are several types of intelligent building technologies, each of which is used in almost all modern structures. Over 1.4 billion connected devices are expected to be implemented inside commercial buildings throughout the United States by the following year.

When facility managers have been tasked with evaluating their innovative building management approach, the evaluation of bathrooms has not traditionally been a top concern. On the other hand, an increasing number of facility managers realise that toilets provide a great chance to demonstrate the meticulous attention to hygiene and cleanliness they pay across the facility.

74% of respondents believe that if the restrooms are not clean, it indicates that the rest of the building is not being cleaned enough.

Facility managers have the chance to generate performance gains that may be profitable for their whole building management ecosystem when it comes to the adoption of intelligent bathroom technology. This opportunity is presented by smart restrooms. The following is a list of the top reasons why smart restroom technology are becoming more knowledgeable about bathroom technology:


One of the places in any facility that sees the highest foot traffic but is also one of the least understood is the restroom. On average, people use the toilet three to four times each day, during which they contact a wide variety of surfaces that are often encountered. Because of this, toilets are a prime location for the spread of viruses. 

While commercial buildings often contain several high-traffic areas, such as lobbies and cafeterias, the bathrooms typically do not have a front desk or security employees to monitor activity and manage any problems. The days when people worked in the stalls of public restrooms are long gone.

Wasteful Spending

Because janitorial crews often replenish soap and paper towel dispensers far too fast, standard lavatory cleaning procedures sometimes result in waste that may be very expensive. During the time in between regularly scheduled maintenance visits, custodians worry about supplies like soap cartridges, paper towel rolls, and toilet paper rolls running out. It is common practice to dispose of unwanted consumables rather than incur the danger of running out of supplies, which leads to a large loss of the total amount spent on consumables.

Innovative Technology for Public Restrooms

Converting standard bathrooms into high-tech, connected restrooms is no longer a mystery. Multiple commercial settings, such as office buildings, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, airports, and industrial facilities, have successfully tested, installed, and employed intelligent and networked software.

The integration of smart restroom technology sensors and mobile devices makes the deployment of innovative restroom technology easy. The potential to enhance the administration of restrooms has presented itself. And right now is the perfect moment to sharpen your knowledge of sanitary facilities.


The facility management team’s actions must be made evident to the building’s residents, and they must reassure them that the health and safety of the building’s occupants are their priority. Not only does the installation of intelligent restroom technology make it simple for building managers to fulfil the requirements of the public benefit for business, but it is also ideal for the people using such facilities.

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