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10 best salwar kameez for aged women

The beauty of Indian traditional salwar kameez or salwar suits is unbeatable as it is the go-to apparel for Indian women. You must have noticed your mom and grandma adorning this simple and comfortable salwar kameez or salwar suit at home or heavily worked salwar kameez for outdoor functions and gatherings. 

The design and style of designer salwar are continuously evolving and are at par with the latest fashion trends. The salwar kameez or suit is the preferred daily apparel for North Indian women. 

You can notice casual plus-size salwar kameez everywhere, from a school-going girl wearing it as a school uniform to professional women going to work. While young girls and women can go with the type and style of salwar kameez they like and get it designed as per their mood and occasion. Aged women face limitations when choosing their perfect pair of salwar kameez outfits.

The comfy plus-size salwar suits make a style statement for women of all ages and sizes. Some folks must have surely noticed the transition of daily wear outfits of their grandma and moms to salwar kameez from sarees. There is a frequent reinvention of the salwar kameez market that you can find in the market. 

Few ladies, especially aged women, prefer their light and comfy salwar suit stitched from their fixed local tailor. They must not be a lot of exposure to various styles and designs. 

The recent innovation of the CloudTailor app has a new style and design for all aged women for any outfit they desire. You can get a variety of styles and designs to choose from and get your clothes stitched and customized as you like.

The aged women expect comfort and elegant design salwar kameez for all times.

Here are ten best salwar kameez that aged women may consider and take the feel of the famous saying ‘ageing like fine wine.’

Palazzo Salwar Suits

From the time palazzo suits have come to trend, there is no looking back. It delivers comfort and offers you various designs and patterns to choose from. This salwar suit style is the favourite of all age groups of women. 

The aged women can go with various neck designs for salwar suits if they want to keep the overall look of the salwar kameez simple and free of embroideries. The neck designs for salwar suits can be v-neck, square, and round necklines that will go well with their age.

Punjabi Salwar Suits

The Punjabi suit is the preferred outfit by women for weddings and special occasions as it is associated with giving bright, fun, and colourful vibes. Moreover, the Punjabi embroidery suit in simple style can be perfect for the aged women who love to experiment with different types of salwar kameez outfits. Moreover, the Punjabi embroidery suit is a good choice for everyday home wear and casual and small outings.

Churidar Salwar Suits

The churidar suit has a different style when compared with salwar kameez suits. The churidar suit does not have salwar in its family. Instead of salwar, there are tight-fitted wrinkled pants paired with long kameez. The women can opt for designer churidar suits depending on the event they want to attend.

The designer churidar suits will give you various options like formal churidar pants with a simple kameez or white kurta. The formal churidar has a ring-like pattern and is generally ankle-length pants. Those women who are short in height should avoid long-fitted churidar pants. 

Anarkali Salwar Suits

The Anarkali suit design gives a modern salwar suit look. The aged women can opt for simple flowy full-skirted kameez for casual wear and can pair it with churidar pants and a dupatta. When thinking of opting for parties and festivals, they can select modern designs to achieve a modern salwar suit look.

Pakistani Salwar Kameez

The Pakistani salwar kameez is the epitome of comfort and style. Women of all ages, be it young, middle-aged, or aged, can closely rely on Pakistani salwar suits for comfort.

The aged women can achieve an elegant yet simple look if they consider a chiffon Pakistani suit for special occasions. Chiffon Pakistani suits can make style statements if carried nicely. Pakistani salwar kameez has a loose-fitted design, and aged women who love embroideries can add Pakistani salwar suits of different fabrics and colours to their wardrobe.

Pairing Kameez with Pants

With trending fashion, aged women are not behind in trying new patterns. Pants are replacing regular churidar when it is about styling salwar kameez with modern salwar designs.

The aged women with a heavy body can wear loose pants instead of regular churidar or salwar with straight cut kameez or kurta. On the other hand, older women who are on the heavier side can go with plus-size salwar suits. The plus-size salwar suits come in many patterns and comfortable fabrics that can cover your heavy body parts.

Angrakha Salwar Kameez

The angrakha salwar suit style is a Rajasthani-inspired salwar suit style. The aged women who love embroidery and want to try something modern yet decent and comfortable can opt for a simple angrakha kurta or kameez and style it with wide pants. 

Straight Cut Salwar Kameez

This salwar kameez or suit style is famous among all the styles. You can pair it with cotton trousers or churidar. The women can play with the sleeve styling in this style. A full sleeve salwar suit is an appropriate choice for the summer season. Aged women with heavy arms can also select loose and full sleeves salwar suit style.

Neutral Color Salwar Kameez

The neutral colour of the salwar kameez is appropriate for aged women. Colour shades like cream, off-white, light grey, bright yellow, pastel shades, etc., perfectly match their salwar kameez suit styles.

Chikankari Salwar Kameez 

The chikankari salwar kameez suit is for everyone. This style compliments the aged women due to its embroidery. The cotton fabric chikankari suit is all about comfort and cool vibes in summers.

The above styles can be considered by aged women whenever they are dicey about which salwar suit style to opt for.

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