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Protecting your Customer Data: Exploring CRM Sofware’s Security Features 

Customer data is the lifeblood of any business, and it’s important to keep it safe. The more sensitive the data is, the more important it is to protect it from prying eyes. Whether you are taking a cloud-based CRM system or a desktop version make sure that you take care of the security features. 

Let’s find out from the CRM experts.

1. Say no to the storage of customer data on cloud

If you are looking for an easy way to keep your customer data secure, the cloud might not be the ideal place for it. To be honest, cloud-based storage is less secure than on-premise storage. Though cloud providers offer multiple layers of security measures (such as firewalls and encryption) to protect their customer data from breaching. But unauthorized access by hackers or malicious actors can affect the customer data on the cloud anytime. However, it is not possible to maintain security when it comes to storing large amounts of sensitive information in the cloud.

2. Limit access to stored data

It’s obvious that the company’s data is accessible to the stakeholders. But, for the security purpose, it is better to limit access to a certain extent. Keep your customer records available to only those who actually need it. For operational convenience, many companies set up the  account for bidirectional data transfer. It’s better to limit this as it can make your data susceptible to threats. 

3. Lock down all online storage accounts that contain customer data

That’s an excellent way to protect your customer data stored in your  CRM database.  You can do the following to safeguard your data. 

  • Use a strong passcode and a mix of words and numerals. Make sure you store the same in a secured place. Give access to only a  few who are concerned.
  • Work with a password manager to create and recreate unique passwords for each customer’s data. It’s a great way to strengthen your data protection efforts from unwanted access by hackers.
  • You can also use security applications such as antivirus software on your computer so it will be harder for someone else (or even yourself) from visiting this page without getting caught first! If these aren’t enough though then there’re other options available too including hiring someone else just like us who knows exactly how important these things are.

4. Data encryption is everything, It saves you from possible dangers

Encryption safeguards your unauthorized access. Businesses can protect the data from being changed or distorted by using encryption. Basically, it’s an algorithm that converts plaintext into ciphertext and vice versa. The algorithm used depends on how you want to protect your information: if you want only certain people in your organization to have access to it, then use symmetric key encryption; if there are no restrictions on who has access and what they can do with it, then use public key encryption; if you don’t mind everyone having access but still want some security features like password protection added in place then use asymmetric key algorithms like RSA SecurID tokens which provide both confidentiality (protecting against eavesdropping) as well as authentication (identifying the person).

5. Make sure that each email comes from the right source

It’s always recommended to make sure that you get the emails from the right source. CRM experts recommend you use a DMARC policy and SPF records to help ensure that each email comes from the right source, rather than just relying on email headers alone.

DMARC saves you from the threats of email spoofing. It’s essentially a way for your domain name to identify itself as legitimate, by sending out its own records showing who you are and what your IP address is. This helps protect against fraudsters who would send an email from your domain pretending to be someone else (or even worse: sending spam).

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records allow users’ mail servers to verify whether messages were sent by authorized senders or not. For example: if someone sends me an email claiming they’re @examplecoffeebarandblog and that I should buy their coffee beans now because they’re special edition limited edition only available at $10/pound before Friday night then clearly this person doesn’t work for example coffeebar and blog.

6. Empower CRM System with Multi Factor Authentication

Use a feature within your CRM system to ensure that only people who can complete multi factor authentication can get access to update an existing customer or contact. It allows an added layer of protection for your customer data. Once you log in, a system-generated authentication code is sent to the owner. In case the owner does not allow access at that time by not providing the authentication, you can easily prevent the attacker. This way you can save your existing records and can also know whether your data is prone to attacks. 

This is not just useful for your company’s security – it also helps protect yourself against data theft by making sure only legitimate people have access to sensitive information about customers and contacts in your system.

Protecting customer data is the key to business success

The first step in protecting your customer data is making sure that it is stored securely. This will help prevent any data loss or theft from happening. The next step is creating a backup plan for when disaster strikes (which happens more often than we would like). Finally, there are ways of preventing hackers from accessing your system by using strong passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA) or Multifactor authentication ( MFA).

The Final Takeaway

While the security features equipped in the Enterprise CRM software help safeguard customer data, they are not infallible. It is always recommended to closely monitor updates and patches that could impact the system’s security against potential attacks. Additionally, it is extremely important that you empower your system with antivirus software. Make sure that the antivirus is also installed on all employee computers to detect any new viruses or malware that may be encountered during their workday.

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