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Pros Of Disposable Vapes – Are There Any Downsides To Disposable Pens?

There are many aspects of vaping. One such variety is becoming famous by the name of disposables. They are everywhere. From young to old, everyone wants to buy them. They are in demand for various reasons. They are perfect for a person with a busy schedule. They fit well in your palm and are relatively cheap in your pocket for the short term. Besides their well-known convenience, they come in several unique and mouthwatering flavours. However, with benefits also comes some downsides. So, today’s blog post aims to provide an overview of disposable boons and banes. We will discuss a few of its advantages and disadvantages briefly. Let’s get going!

Advantages of using disposables

The benefits are higher in choosing a disposable bar over a regular one. Suppose we measure the positive to negative ratio in determining the pros and cons of disposable vape bars. Then, ultimately positive points will beat the negative ones. Following are some inevitable advantages of buying a disposable vape device. 

  • They are an ideal choice for both: people who want to quit smoking and beginners. They provide a smooth throat hit to newbie vapers without choking and irritation. Simultaneously, they also replicate the cigarette craving of people who were ex-heavy or chain smokers. 
  • In addition, they are too simple to use. Not even a minimum amount of effort is required to start them. Just inhale your first shot and let the disposable magic do its work. No buttons or lighters will come between your fun time to spoil the vaping mood. In short, they offer an easy entry road to former smokers entering the vape world. 
  • As briefly mentioned above,  disposable bars are no maintenance devices. They avoid using any coil or parts that can be replaced. When the battery or liquid is finished, it is time to take the new flavour out of the pack. 

Downsides of buying disposable bars

No product comes perfectly packed without any disadvantages. However, disposable electronic bars are cost-effective and efficient. There are a few downsides to this technology as well.

  • Some people believe that disposables are wasteful in every sense. The environment and wallet pay a high price for allowing disposable usage. They are a bane to the surrounding since they can not be recycled. They can not be refilled or reused. They are expensive in the long run.
  • Moreover, they have a small lifespan as compared to regular vapes. If, on the one hand, they provide satisfactory cigarette-like cravings to former smokers. Then, on the other hand, a previous heavy smoker’s needs will not be satisfied by a few puffs. Due to approximately lasting up to only 600 puffs, a convert from smoking will consume a disposable daily. All this may require constant buying and disposing of, which can be frustrating sometimes.
  • Another big downside to disposables is that you can not recharge or refill them. No reusing at all is allowed. If it is finished, it is finished. All you can do is go and buy a new one. This can be a massive restraint if you don’t keep up with how far you are from finishing the whole bar. Keeping an extra disposable vape device is always suggested. Why? Because if you are in the mood and the previous one runs out, you should always have a backup. 
  • Apart from usage, when it comes to taste, disposable also provides a flavorful range. However, the flavours are generally the most common fruity ones. The flavour in the diverse range can be your favourite. But if it is, then no option of customisation is available. Regular vape companies offer more and much more exciting opportunities. This is the same reason why experienced vapers prefer purchasing e-juice separately to using it with a reusable vape pen. This way, they are free to have fun while experimenting with rare flavours. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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