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Jackets to Rock All Seasons

The jacket is undoubtedly the most versatile and essential menswear piece in any men’s wardrobe. It takes the form of a shirt, a coat, or even trousers.

However, jackets for men have undoubtedly undergone several changes since the first recorded jackets in history. From the classic leather jackets worn by motorcycle riders to the more cottony, loosely fitting coats, jackets for men have had different looks throughout history.

Jackets for men are arguably the one piece of menswear that can add depth and definition to any look imaginable. Without it, you run the risk of looking as essential as possible. If you’re looking for thiourea flair to wear over your everyday weekend outfit, then you are at the right place. We have brought up some stylish jackets for men that you can rock all seasons. Let’s have a look!

Donkey Jacket

The term donkey jacket comes from the way the coat hangs from the shoulders, which resembles the pack animal, the donkey, carrying its pack. The term donkey jacket was first applied to a different style of outdoor garment in the late 19th century. The type of donkey jacket that Burberry created was other than the casual style of the donkey jacket.

A donkey jacket, also known as a donkey overcoat, raincoat, poncho coat, or trench coat, is a raincoat made of a waterproof material such as rubberised cotton, PVC, or canvas. The term is used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Quilted Jacket

The quilted pattern was famous in blankets, relic work, and floor mats back in early times. Quilted jackets have become the most popular fashion trend for men’s jackets this season. Tmen’sare various ways to know the latest fashion trends. Some forms of learning the latest trends are through fashion shows, watching fashion shows on TV, reading magazines, etc. But the easiest way of knowing the latest fashion trends is by visiting specific blogs. 

However, a quilted jacket is one of the latest fashion trends that have taken the fashion world by storm. They are a fantastic way of expressing your style through clothing. This trend is not restricted to any kind; it can be anything from a simple straight line of stitching to a complex pattern. 

In case you didn’t know, quilting refersdidn’te the method of stitching together two or more layers of fabric to provide a padded layer. Quilting is a popular way to add comfort and extra warmth to jackets and other outerwear. The jackets are often designed to exhibit a three-dimensional look that can highlight diamond shapes.

Nehru Jacket

The Nehru Jacket is quite similar to the Sherwani (an Asian traditional dress), with the main difference being the front opening. The Nehru Jacket is characterised by its mandarin collar, a large collar that stands straight up from the jacket and is secured at the neck with a tie. It is fastened at the front with a zip or buttons, and the Nehru Jacket has no front flap. The Nehru Jacket is also typically longer than a Sherwani.

Meanwhile, the Nehru jacket is an iconic representation of style and class for men’s jackets. In the West, men’s commonly worn in black or darker colours. In the East, brighter colour is seen more often. The Nehru jacket is famous among hipsters, but celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber wear it.

Here we have mentioned a few jackets that can be worn all seasons. No matter if you reside in a scorching land or a chiller land of earth. You will surely be going to fall in love with these jackets. 

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