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Practical Ways Being Eco-Friendly Can Save You Money

Eco-living is not as costly as one might believe. Although minimal expenses are required to begin living more ecologically friendly, such as purchasing reusable tumblers and tote bags, these efforts will save you long-term.

Here are a couple of tips being environmentally friendly can save you money, ranging from upscaling clothes to considering solar power.

Donate your used clothing to thrift shops

If your closet is bursting at the seams, it may be time to purge your old clothes. However, do not discard your garments. Every year, 156,000 tonnes of textiles and leather end up in Singapore’s landfills.

Selling clothes that no longer fit you but are still in good shape is a simple method to make money while extending the life of apparel. You may sell your old clothes on numerous platforms, including Carousell and Facebook Marketplace. If you want to sell branded items, HuntStreet and EcoRing Singapore will appraise and sell your luxury bags and accessories on your behalf.

Recycle old furniture to give it new life

If you’re getting rid of old furniture, sell it to a restoration studio instead of throwing it away. Shops like Hock Siong & Co. and Long-longtime Store accept antiques and vintage objects at reasonable prices. Worn-out chairs, tables, and chests of drawers are then reupholstered, polished, and repainted to appear brand new.

These are then resold to customers for a second chance. If you’re planning a home renovation, refurbished furniture is an eco-friendly way to decorate. Buying used reduces deforestation and limits plastic creation.

Reduce your utility bills

You live in a wonderful country where we have sockets; make use of it! Turn off your appliances to save energy and take showers instead of baths to save water. These may appear to be modest adjustments, but they will save you a few pounds by the end of the year.

Participate in environmental organizations

Although this would not directly save you money, the issue of climate change cannot be handled solely by individual acts. Join an environmental organization and make some new acquaintances. Rather than paying for a gym membership, you may obtain your daily dose of physical activity by marching in demonstrations, drumming at rallies, or cycling and raising money for environmental causes.


Switching to LED bulbs is one of the best ideas for sustainable living on a budget.

Lighting is something we use every day that can consume a lot of energy. According to the Department of Energy, switching your five most-used lights from normal light bulbs to ENERGY STAR models may save you $45 per year. Check with your utility company to see if they provide rebates or discounts for investing in energy-efficient light bulbs. In some situations, you may even be able to get some for free or at a reduced charge.

Reduce your water consumption

Commit to taking shorter showers, repairing faulty faucets, only running the dishwasher or washing machine when required, and collecting rainwater to water your plants to help conserve water. You might wish to keep track of your water consumption and devise unique techniques to save this resource. These modest modifications are inexpensive and can help you make major gains toward a more environmentally friendly home.

Consider solar power

Some solar companies offer month-to-month leasing if you’re interested in solar energy but aren’t sure you’re ready to make the financial commitment. Another advantage of renting panels is that the installation will be responsible for the upkeep, eliminating future difficulties.

If sustainability and eco-living is your goal, resolve to do more with these suggestions this year. After all, simply protecting the world may result in a positive return on investment.

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