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Pet-Friendly Private Jet Charter

Say no to cargo and yes to giving yourself and your beloved companions the better experience you both deserve. Book a pet-friendly private jet charter flight with Global Charter and experience the height of luxury air travel with your furry friends by your side, in one of our luxury aircraft cabins – where they belong.

Why charter a private jet to fly with your pet?

Flying with your pets shouldn’t have to be a compromise for you or your four-legged friends. Charter a private jet and enjoy a safe and enjoyable journey for both of you.

Cabin comfort and personalised services

Aboard your luxury private jet, your pets can move around freely, stretch out, and even have their own designated area. Pet-friendly amenities, such as comfortable bedding, toys, or gourmet pet meals, are also available upon request.

Our team can also provide personalised pet services and are on hand to attend to their every need, whether that’s providing stress-relief techniques, on-demand veterinary care, or pre-and post-flight dog walking services.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Unlike travelling in the cargo, cabins offer a pet-friendly atmosphere where your animal companions can feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the journey. Always by your side, they can avoid the separation anxiety that comes with flying on commercial airlines, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are safe. 

Enhanced safety and handling

When you choose a private charter, your pets can travel in the cabin with you. which means you can monitor their well-being and comfort throughout the journey. You can also calm their nerves (and vice versa) or address any concerns promptly. Whereas, in cargo, pets are out of sight and reach, making it difficult to attend to their needs or notice any distressing signs, especially when it comes to longer-haul flights.

Pets travelling in commercial cargo can be more susceptible to mishandling during loading, unloading, and transit. With a private flight, you can guarantee your pets will be treated like royalty, with specialised animal-handling staff and tailored services.

Designated pet airports

In the UK, there are several airports across the country that are designated as pet-friendly and offer specific facilities and services for travelling with pets. Pet-friendly airports in the UK include:

Pet-friendly airports in the UK

How much does it cost to charter a private jet with your pet?

At Global Charter, we do not charge you anything extra for bringing your pets on board. For personalised pet services, an additional charge may apply, but this will be included in your quote.

Our Charter Membership Program

Our Charter Membership Programme prioritises your comfort, security, and convenience. JetProtect™ offers AOG insurance, fair price, and positive testimonies. Whether for business or pleasure, you may enjoy personalised travel experiences and access to private aircraft leasing with no upfront expenses. Avoid additional expenses by allowing for more flying hours and considering a variety of parameters such as aircraft type. Global Charter provides private jet charter serviceshelicopter chartersboat charters, and air ambulance helicopter services worldwide. Our fleet consists of over 15,000 private aircraft that all meet or exceed industry safety standards.

Why choose Global Charter?

Private air travel with your pets has never been easier with Global Charter. From a choice of thousands of aircraft, personalised services, and the highest safety standards, you can rest assured that you and your furry friends will enjoy the very best in luxury jet charter.

Get in touch today to book your pet-friendly private jet charter and start planning an unforgettable trip for you and your pets.

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