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Pest-Proofing Your Home for the Holidays

If you imagine a fresh-cut evergreen tree or scent of Christmas cooking or the fire that is burning inside the flames of the fireplace, it is likely to think of the amazing sights and scents of the Christmas season. But think about it a bit differently. These delicious holiday foods could attract insects and other pests into the facilities of your house. Here are some pest control Sydney suggestions to keep these pests out of ruining the holiday season.

Check the plant material. 

Since Christmas trees, foliage ornaments for plants, flower arrangements and other holiday plants are a breeding ground for numerous pests, before bringing plants indoors, you must inspect them thoroughly. They should be checked regularly throughout the following days to identify any new pests. If the “bugs” warm up inside they’ll begin their summer and spring activities. This means that thousands of insects that are hatching could be discovered just a few days later. A few common surprises are praying mantis, spiders, caterpillars, mites and Aphids, psyllids, and diverse insects. If any of these pests are active, you  should remove the plant material immediately and get in touch with a pest control company in your area.

Examine firewood. 

Certain pests are often found under, or spend the winter in loose bark, or in holes in firewood. Before bringing firewood indoors, you should look it over carefully. Bring only enough wood in the house to last for all day long and leave any loose bark outside. The pieces that are infested should be left outside until they are able to put on fire right away.

Check the storage of holiday items. Since beetles, ants, moths, spiders, centipedes, geckos, mice and snakes could take up their homes in your ornaments for the holidays while they are stored. It is recommended that you take the decorations outdoors or in a safe zone. It is also recommended to be careful not to store wool-based items or food-based products, as well as plant materials, and seeds that attract insects. If you encounter just a few insects then you can utilise a small-sized vacuum cleaner to get rid of them. If a large number of pests are observed and you are unable to get them out of the house, contact your pest control Sydney company immediately.

Examine holiday gifts. 

The packages that are delivered to you for Christmas, specifically food-related packages, must be inspected as they may be infested with food-borne bugs as well as indoor bugs. If the item is infested with cheese mites or bran bugs, meat maggots, flour beetles, Indian food moths, caterpillars of meal, or other food-borne pests, you should put the food product in the freezer for a few days and then dispose of it. Food items should not be stored for more than two weeks. Also, keep the package cold or refrigerated up to the time they’re ready for opening.

Make sure you check the baggage. The holiday guests could bring more than just gifts to the house of the host. Bed bugs that travel inside the luggage of travellers are becoming more prevalent across the nation and could accidentally be introduced to an establishment or home. Here are some suggestions for hosts and travellers. If you suspect bed bugs and the luggage is packed, do not bring it inside. Instead, take it out outside and then seal the infested clothes by putting it in the bag of plastic. Then, clean and dry the clothing using the maximum temperatures that the clothes can withstand. After that, tie it off and eliminate the plastic bag into an outside garbage bin. Calling in Pest control Sydney experts is always recommended when insects that appear as bed bug-like are discovered.


Insects are able to multiply rapidly when breeding and food materials are readily available. For instance in the two weeks of holiday closure insects can enter 4 generations. In the days before closing for the holidays you should ensure that all food items are removed from lockers and desk drawers. Also, ensure that the garbage must be removed from the premises. For emergency situations directly call in a professional for pest control Sydney company.

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