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Perodua hybrid is coming in 2024 while Proton’s first EV will be launched in 2027

Wapcar Automotive News – Electrification may be the new fad, but not all brands are dabbling in it. Take two domestic car manufacturers, Proton and Perodua, as an example. Both have said they won’t be in the game anytime soon, and that was echoed in a note to automotive investors recently issued by RHB Investment Bank.

The investment bank indicated that Proton will launch its first electric vehicle (EV) in 2027, while Perodua (Perodua Aruz contributed a lot to the sales record and we are in praise of Perodua Aruz 2023)  will launch its first hybrid EV in 2024. No surprises with the first. The first repeats what Proton has announced that it plans to produce and launch its own electric vehicle by 2027. The mention of Perodua is also not an exact revelation, at least not about the specific format to be adopted – as early as 2019, the company has said that its first steps into the new frontier will be with hybrid vehicles, once again very clearly reaffirmed last November. What’s new is the 2024 calendar for this journey that officially begins.

Take a look at Perodua’s sales performance in 2022, the results are in, and 2022 turns out to be a record year for Perodua. The market leader registered 282,019 units last year, up 48.2% from 190,291 vehicles sold in 2021. With demand outstripping supply, P2 typically sells everything it produces without delay. and 2022 production has increased by 49.5% to 289,054 units. In a nutshell, P2’s 2022 sales target is 247,800 units (30.2% higher than 2021 sales, a weak base due to the pandemic shutdown), which it easily beats. Prior to that, the Rawang manufacturer’s best annual sales were in 2019, with 240,341 units sold. Based on a projected TIV of 720,000 units in 2022, Perodua has captured a 39% market share.

Zainal said that 2022 also has obstacles, including the recovery of the ecosystem after a major flood, a shortage of workers due to a spike in the number of Covid-19 infections at the supplier level, a lack of driver supply. pickup trucks and commodity prices spiked. However, with the right planning, Perodua and its partners can not only overcome these challenges but also find much-needed growth for the industry, the P2 head explained. Perodua breaking its all-time sales record in 2022 isn’t a huge surprise, as it was on track to do so last quarter, but the final push is impressive and relentless in a way. surprising for a company with essentially no competition. . in Malaysia. In December, Perodua averaged 1,000 vehicles produced and registered per day.

Official, because it already has a hybrid presence, thanks to the unique rental scheme associated with the Ativa Hybrid. Last August, the automaker announced that it would bring 300 Daihatsu Rocky e-Smart Hybrids for research and evaluation, with a special invite registration program for the improved vehicle to collect data collection during the 5-year trial period.

The report’s proposal for a Perodua hybrid to go on sale next year would put the Ativa Hybrid as a likely market starter, as it’s currently the only hybrid in Daihatsu’s portfolio, but It seems rather odd if there is a long-term rental program running. besides direct-to-consumer sales are essentially the same car.

For Proton, waiting for electrification will take longer. Like Perodua, he says keeping an eye on costs is a key factor in how he does it, but unlike before, the outline of what he’ll bring to market remains undefined. determined.

According to Proton Deputy CEO Roslan Abdullah, the company is looking to ensure adoption of the right technology at a fair price. “Technology is always innovating. In the next two years, there may be competitors offering new technology for electric vehicles at better prices, so this (deadline) gives us time to thoroughly study both the technology and the market. local to find the most acceptable. to maintain and be affordable for consumers and for us,” he said last November.

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