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Office Furniture Cleaning 101: A Complete Guide

In this post COVID-19 pandemic era, consider how frequently you touch the furniture you use for work—your desk, chair, filing cabinet, bookcases, etc.—each day. If the virus is thriving on the armrests of your workplace chair, cleaning the doorknob won’t be enough to keep it at bay.

Therefore, office furniture needs to be kept clean and virus-free while everyone is paying attention to facemasks and hand sanitizer (for good reason!).

Well, there are many different furniture surfaces in office settings. Chrome, laminate, cloth, leather, and of course wood are all included.

Cleaning and caring for wood furniture by an office furniture supplier with great care will keep it from deteriorating. Let’s examine wood office furniture cleaning techniques so you can maintain its excellent appearance for many years to come.

Cleaning of Office Chair

Office chairs often have crevices where dust, lint, crumbs, and hair can hide and collect, especially those that are very adjustable. Whether you have an upholstered or unupholstered chair, we’ll assist you get rid of those.

The following materials can be used to maintain chairs with covers made of plastic mesh, leather, vinyl or polyurethane on a regular basis:

  • An air purifier: The easiest way to vacuum a chair is with a handheld vacuum or cordless stick vacuum. Additionally, some vacuums have add-ons made specifically to remove dust and allergens from upholstery.
  • A compressed air can or duster (optional): A duster can access areas where your vacuum may be unable to. To remove any dirt particles instead, use a can of compressed air.
  • Dishwashing liquid: Any clear dish soap or light soap will do.
  • A small bowl or spray bottle.
  • Two or three clean, soft cloths; lint-free rags, such as microfiber cloths or an old cotton T-shirt, will do.

Cleaning of Office Desk

To clean the office desk bought from an office furniture supplier and disinfect the area, start with the objects on top. If you bring your coffee cup or reusable water bottle home from the office each night after work to put it in the dishwasher, wash it every day with hot water and liquid dish soap.

Make careful to cleanse all sides of regularly used objects, like your stapler, tape dispenser, scissors, and most-used pens, using disinfectant wipes. Think about washing pen holders and other desk accessories with soap and water.

After that, you can clean the desk’s surface. Remove everything on the desktop, including your computer (if feasible), phone, pen holder, and other accessories (or move them to the side while you clean).

Wipe off the entire surface using disinfectant wipes. Before rearranging the desk objects, give the cleaning solution time to dry.

Cleaning of Computer Keyboard

Power down your computer and unhook the keyboard and mouse before cleaning the hardware and screens. Next, adhere to these instructions to clean your keyboard:

  • Shake the keyboard gently over a trash can to remove any stray crumbs or dust.
  • To get rid of any leftover debris, spray compressed air between the keys.
  • Use a disinfectant wipe to clean down the keyboard, paying special attention to frequently used keys like the space bar and enter key.
  • Before cleaning, you might wish to squeeze out the wipe’s extra liquid to prevent leaking moisture into the perforations, which could harm the keyboard.
  • Allow to fully dry before using.

Cleaning of Computer Mouse

Use the steps below to clean your computer mouse:

  • Unplug the mouse and, if necessary, take the batteries out before using a disinfectant wipe to clean the scroll and all of its sides.
  • If using a laptop, wipe the touchpad with the antibacterial wipe, being careful not to get any moisture in the apertures.
  • Allow to fully dry before using.

Cleaning Plastic Furniture

The same soap, water, and disinfectant approach that you used to clean your resin office furniture may be used to clean plastic furniture. Use a cleaner that has been EPA-approved for the type of plastic you are cleaning, and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cleaning Wood Furniture

Use warm water and a decent wood soap or polish to clean your wood furniture bought from an office furniture supplier. Apply the polish with a delicate towel, and then use a different one to dry the chair afterward.

Wood office furniture requires dusting.

Even though wood office furniture might not require a deep clean or polish on every scheduled cleaning, daily dusting is still necessary to maintain it looking its best. The surface of the wood furniture can be dusted using a clean wool cloth or cotton duster, which works very well at gathering and eliminating dust.

The surface of your wood furniture will maintain a pleasant appearance over time if you regularly dust it and alternate with a deeper clean or polish.

Cleaning Metal Furniture

Start by giving the metal a warm water and moist towel wipe down. Apply a disinfectant that has been approved by the EPA and is safe for the type of metal you are cleaning next.

Cleaning Leather Furniture

Gently wipe the leather surface in a circular motion using warm water and a moderate leather soap. To clean your chair, use the least amount of water feasible. Once the surface is clean, it is advisable to use a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and prevent cracking.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining clean office furniture doesn’t have to feel like an uphill struggle. Maintain a duster and cleaning wipes nearby to make sure you’re keeping your desk tidy.

Set aside some time each week to give yourself permission to regularly clean your desk or chair, get rid of any clutter, and eliminate any germs. A tidy, organized, and more effective workspace will enhance your job and workplace. Read more interesting posts from this website

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