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The Complete Guide to Obtaining a Turkey Visa for Canadian Or Australian Citizens


Passport holders of both Canada and Australia are required to obtain a valid Turkish visa before traveling to Turkey. Depending on the purpose and duration of the trip, there are several types of visas available for people visiting Turkey from these countries. 

A tourist visa allows travelers to remain in Turkey for a period ranging from 15 days to 90 days, depending on their country of origin. Canadian and Australian passport holders must apply for an e-Visa on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Turkey’s official website. Once the visa is granted, the passport holder can access a pdf copy of the visa which should be printed and presented to the immigration authorities upon entry to the country. 

Tips & Tricks on How to Make Your Turkey Visa Application Easier & Faster

The next type of visa is the student visa, which is reserved for students from Canada and Australia who wish to perform studies in Turkey. The visa requirements include a letter of acceptance and proof of financial stability to cover expenses while studying in the country. Additionally, an appointment must be scheduled at the Turkish Embassy or Consulate to submit the required documents and get the visa approved. 

Business visas are also available for travelers from Canada and Australia who wish to visit Turkey for work-related activities. This visa requires the applicant to provide an invitation letter from the business associates in Turkey alongside the other standard documents needed. The visa can be valid for a duration of 180 days with multiple entries allowed within that timeframe. 

Turkey Visas for Canadian Citizens – How to Apply Online

For those from Canada and Australia who wish to get married in Turkey, regardless of whether the ceremony is a civil one or a religious one, a Marriage Visa is necessary. The procedures for this visa include two out of the four main documents: a Family Record, a Confirmation Letter from the Religion Directorate, a Confirmation Letter from the wedding planner or the foreign representative office in Turkey, Marriage License.  

In regards to minors from Canada and Australia, parents or legal guardians must accompany the application along with copies of their identity documents. Also, consent from both parents is necessary, should one of them not be traveling with the minor.

Obtaining a Turkish visa for travelers from Canada and Australia is relatively easy, as long as they fulfill the requirements and provide the necessary documentation. Each type of visa has its own conditions and specifications, therefore, travelers must always make sure they have all the necessary documents before applying. With the right information and preparations, a trip to Turkey can be a safe and memorable experience.

Turkey Visas for Australian Citizens – How to Apply Online

In recent years, Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for travelers worldwide. Travelers from Canadian and Australian countries can easily access the country with a valid visa, which grants them permission to enter the country. To apply for a Turkey visa, Canadian and Australian citizens must meet certain requirements and go through a fairly straightforward process.

Turkey Visa for Canadian Citizens, the Turkey Visa is granted in the form of a sticker placed in the passport. Those applying must have a valid passport with a minimum of six months of validity remaining on the date of travel and a minimum of two open page available for the visa. Additionally, applicants will need a completed visa application form, travel documents, a recent photograph, and evidence that shows sufficient funds for the duration of the visit. The visa will be valid for up to 90 days, with stays of up to 60 days permitted. 

Turkey Visa for Australian Citizens nationals can also apply for the Turkish visa in the same way as Canadians. It is important to note that although the process is the same, Australia is categorized as a one-page Visa from country, meaning that their visa will be simply one page long sticker placed into the passport. As with the Canadian visa, applicants must have a valid passport with a minimum of six months of validity remaining on the date of travel. They must also submit a completed visa application form, travel documents, a recent photograph, and evidence that shows sufficient funds for the duration of the visit.

It is important to ensure that on the date of entry, the Turkey visa should not have expired. The visa is issued with an expiration date not exceeding 90 days from the date of issuance. However, the actual length of stay can be as short as one day and as long as 60 days. It is recommended that travelers retain a copy of the visa so they can produce it to the authorities of their country when they depart. 


Travelers should note that those wishing to stay longer than 60 days should apply for a residence permit. The residence permit can be obtained from the relevant police department found in each province of the country. With a valid residence permit, travelers can stay up to 180 days. 

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