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New Ford Ranger receives five-star ANCAP safety ratings

The new Ford Ranger and Everest, which might be set to release in South Africa withinside the coming months, were given the very best feasible protection score with the aid of using Australia`s unbiased crash checking out authority.

ANCAP on Monday introduced a five-big name end result for the new-technology bakkie and SUV variety, which accomplished “strong scores” for person occupant safety withinside the frontal off-set, aspect effect and far-aspect effect tests. ANCAP additionally offered most factors for infant occupant safety withinside the front and aspect collisions.

The simplest chinks of their armor have been marginal scores for the driver`s chest withinside the indirect pole check, and the chest of the rear passenger withinside the full-width frontal collision. ANCAP additionally imposed a “compatibility” penalty on its very last rating as excessive at the same time as heavy automobiles gift an extra threat to occupants of smaller automobiles that they crash into.

Keep in mind, however, that the Ford Ranger`s five-big name score is precise to the Australian marketplace model, and therefore won’t be absolutely relevant to the model to be able to be released in South Africa as specs can also additionally differ. The score excludes the Raptor variant because it differs from the normal Ranger fashions to the factor wherein a separate crash check could be needed, and this has now no longer been performed as but.

For instance, additionally contributing to the five-big name score become an entire slew of lively protection capabilities which can be preferred withinside the Australian marketplace, such as independent emergency braking, lane-retaining useful resource with road-part detection, and wise velocity help.

Ford has but to announce protection specs for the South African marketplace, however, no matter which lively protection capabilities are fitted, proprietors may be confident that the automobile has a strong shape to be able to guard its occupants.

The Ranger accomplished an ordinary rating of 84% for person occupant safety as decided with the aid of using the crash tests, and an infant-safety rating of 93% become given. Furthermore, the automobile scored 83% for its protection help capabilities, however, become marked right all the way down to 74% for the safety of “prone road-users”.

The Ranger’s five-star score carries the latest 2022 timestamp, although it has undergone the same 2020-22 testing procedures as the five-star Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50 and GWM Ute.

This Ranger score is based on real-life crash tests in Australia, as well as driver assistance system tests, as opposed to shared Euro NCAP test data.

Vehicles built before August 20, 2022 will require a software update for their lane-keeping software to reflect the five-star vehicle specifications. Ford says dealers will perform the update during the next owner service.

ANCAP scores Ranger 2022 at 84% for adult protection, 93% for child protection, 74% for protection of vulnerable road users and 83% for safety assistance. A five-star ANCAP safety rating applies to Ranger XL, XLS, XLT, Sport and Wildtrak variants in the Standard Cabin, Extended Cab and SuperCab body types, including utility and cabin chassis.

However, the Raptor variants of the Ford Ranger are unclassified and are too mechanically different to simply convert the results of the regular models.

The Ford Ranger comes standard with two front curtain airbags, side chest and head side airbags, as well as driver and passenger knee airbags. A central airbag between occupants in the front row in the event of a side collision is also standard equipment.

ANCAP says high scores were obtained for the Ranger’s adult protection in frontal deflection, lateral impact and lateral impact tests, although “marginal” scores were recorded for the chest of rear passengers in a full-width frontal collision. 

The inspection agency said tall and heavy vehicles such as utility vehicles and large SUVs pose an “increased risk” to oncoming vehicle occupants in the event of an accident, which has resulted in a penalty for “compatibility”.

The maximum rating is awarded by recognizing the “good” level of protection provided to child occupants (outside seats) in frontal and side collisions – although ANCAP has stated that the installation of Child safety seats on Ranger Cabs Regular and Extended (not SuperCabs) variants are “not recommended” as there is no top tether anchor point.

According to ADR 34, vehicles of category NA (light commercial vehicle) are not required to be equipped with Top Tether anchor points and are therefore only suitable for transporting small children if the manufacturer has chosen to include anchorages. child seat in the back row – as standard with the best-selling Double Cabin models.

Tests for automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist and speed assist all showed good performance, ANCAP added.

Building on the evolution of the “T6” platform that underpins the old car, the new Ranger features a modernized interior, a more aggressive exterior design with classic American elements, and a diesel engine. New V6 with permanent all-wheel drive option. Like so many vehicles today, it was also in high demand. 

Ford has sold nearly 20,000 Rangers, and while it plans to deliver 5,000 a month in the short term, expect a waiting period if you opt for a more popular version.

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