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How to Make your JLT Home Look Like a Million Bucks

Opening your first home in JLT can be quite the experience, especially if you’re living in Dubai for the first time or if this is your first property investment. The good news? You don’t have to spend big bucks on decorating your new place – all you need are some practical items, the right approach to shopping, and some savvy tips about how to make your home look like it costs a million bucks, even when you’re spending significantly less than that. Here are some ideas on how to make your JLT home look like a million bucks on a shoestring budget.

The elements

Most elements of decorating don’t cost much, if anything. But furniture, artwork and other big-ticket items can blow up an already-tight budget. The trick is to find these things at bargain rates by investing time in scouring Craigslist, garage sales and thrift stores. If you really want something new but don’t want to pay full price, check out discounts from retailers such as Overstock or Wayfair—most offer free shipping and returns. And never underestimate free: It’s likely that you know someone who has something you can borrow for a little while (like their old bookshelf), or whose kids have outgrown their toys. This way, you get what you want without breaking your budget.

Paint, Wallpaper and Treatments

The easiest way to add value and flair to any room is by changing up its color. Whether you’re looking for something trendy or timeless, paints are available in virtually every color of the rainbow. If you want something more special, consider wallpapers or treatments such as decals that can be easily removed and relocated. Remember: it’s better not to hang onto anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Let go of clutter, old junk and mementos that hold little meaning anymore—you won’t regret it!  And if you’re moving into an apartment, don’t forget about furniture.

 A new bed or sofa could do wonders for your new space. Don’t worry; there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on brand-new furniture when there are plenty of secondhand options out there. Check out sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree for great deals on used items. 

1. Paint your walls a bright color. Light colors will make a room feel larger while darker shades will make it feel smaller and cozy (especially good if you live in a small space). One fun trend we’ve seen lately is using two different colors together – maybe paint one wall dark blue and another light blue? Or paint one wall light green with another dark green? It’s all about experimenting with what looks best in your own home! 

2. Change up your flooring. While carpeting might seem luxurious at first, it also collects dust and allergens over time which can lead to allergies and other health problems down the road. If you have hardwood floors already, consider refinishing them instead of replacing them altogether – a fresh coat of varnish is much cheaper than buying new wood floors. 

3. Hang some art work or mirrors on your walls to liven things up! You don’t need to buy expensive artwork either – try visiting local art galleries or even flea markets for unique pieces at low prices! 4. Reorganize your closet: Do away with clothes that aren’t flattering or comfortable and only keep those outfits that really make you feel confident whenever you wear them.

Flooring Options

If you’re going with tile flooring, remember: It costs a lot less to install hardwood or laminate floors than it does ceramic or stone tiles. Laying those types of flooring means you’ll be hiring more movers and packers in jlt dubai for more time; getting those rooms finished faster will save you money. If having real hardwood floors is important to you, invest in luxury vinyl tiles; they closely mimic high-end hardwoods but are much easier to install and clean up if anything happens (like water spills or other accidents).

Don’t forget that carpeting is an option as well. Be sure to talk about these options with your movers and packers in dubai before committing yourself. They can help you choose wisely based on your tastes, needs and budget. Other Budget 


 • Buy large pieces of furniture first—you don’t want to buy something only to find out later that it doesn’t fit in a room after you’ve painted or otherwise worked on it.

 • You don’t need all new appliances—refinishing old ones can give them new life. And because most homes come with a dishwasher, fridge/freezer and oven, there’s no reason not to have all three unless space is at a premium.

 • Furniture that can double as storage can save you some space—just be sure not to put too many heavy things on top of bookshelves!

 • Paint colors can change quickly, so consider using paint samples rather than full cans until you’re sure of what you’re doing. 

• Get creative when considering lighting options—useful lamps and lights add style to any room. The right lampshade can also change how light looks throughout a room. Choose carefully! 

• When it comes to rugs, go big or go home—small rugs tend to get lost in larger rooms. For example, if your living area is 20×20 feet, opt for a rug that measures 8×10 feet rather than 4×6 feet (or even 6×9 feet). You’ll create a bigger impact and feel more comfortable in your own space.

 • Consider adding accent walls or painting cabinets white—this way, you can change up your decor without buying new items. The above list should give you plenty of ideas to get started decorating your JLT home on a budget. Remember that good taste doesn’t always mean expensive taste! Decorating shouldn’t break the bank, especially when it’s done right by a professional . Just take your time and do it right. Good luck!


Light plays such an important role in setting a mood or evoking emotion. You want everything to be perfect when you entertain guests, whether it’s for a small dinner party or an elaborate New Year’s Eve celebration. Consider adding lighting accents throughout your living room and dining area, such as wall sconces, pendant lights, or plug-in candles and place them at various heights around the room. If you use candles as part of your decor, keep safety in mind; if possible don’t leave lit candles unattended and be sure to extinguish them before leaving any room. 

Have someone you trust check in with you throughout events just so they can check that everything is okay. Finally, make sure to choose candle holders that are appropriate for indoor use only and will not tip over easily. color also helps set a more formal tone which is good if you are planning on entertaining more than one guest at a time. Red walls create intimacy and promote energy making them ideal for bedrooms or playrooms where people will be resting more often than socializing during parties.


It’s almost always better to buy used furniture than it is to buy new—not only can it be more affordable, but used items tend to come with a story. The piece you’re eyeing might have belonged to someone else before you; they likely loved and cared for it in their time. Who knows how many parties that couch attended or how many kids grew up eating at that table? On top of being more affordable, there are also plenty of eco-friendly benefits: buying used is a form of recycling and saves trees from having to be cut down for new production. 

So, first things first—go see what treasure you can find at local thrift stores and vintage shops! The second step is looking online—there are plenty of options there as well, so do some research! Make sure to check out sites like Craigslist and eBay, where you’ll be able to pick up good deals on anything from couches and tables to lamps and coffee tables. And don’t forget about garage sales—you never know what kind of amazing finds will turn up! For example, if you’re moving into a studio apartment, it’s probably best not to invest in an entire dining room set when all you need is a small table for two. Instead, pick up a few smaller pieces at garage sales or antique stores (or even flea markets) that can match your existing dining room set back home. You’ll still get all of the character without taking up too much space!


If you’re looking for an easy way to update your decor and draw people in, it’s hard to beat adding rugs. These touches can bring warmth, texture and comfort into any room, making them one of our favorite ways to really make a space feel great without breaking the bank. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. 

So when choosing yours, consider not just whether you love their look or feel but also how they will fit into your larger design goals.  For example, if you have a small space that needs brightening up, opt for a large rug with lots of color. However, if you have an open floor plan that needs delineating zones, go with something smaller and more neutral—like black-and-white geometric patterns or soft florals—that won’t distract from other elements in your home. And always keep size in mind: Smaller rooms might be better suited to round rugs (which take up less visual real estate) while bigger rooms could accommodate rectangular ones (which seem more substantial). We also recommend considering what type of rug is right for your lifestyle; traditional Persian styles are beautiful but may not stand up well to kids’ shoes and pets’ claws. Incorporating furniture pieces: 

Furniture pieces are another fantastic way to add personality and life to a room without spending much money. Whether you want rustic farmhouse tables or sleek modern sofas, there’s no shortage of choices available today. Just remember that before heading out shopping, think about what kind of style fits best with your existing décor. When buying new furniture pieces, we strongly suggest getting high-quality items made by reputable brands such as Ashley Furniture HomeStore , Bernhardt Design , Bassett Mirror Company , etc… because these items tend to hold up better over time than cheaper knockoffs found at big box stores . Plus, higher quality furniture tends to cost less per square foot than lower quality items, meaning you get more bang for your buck!

Wreaths, Boxes, Tables and Other Small Touches

Why spend thousands of dirhams on fancy tables and wreaths when you can give any room that expensive touch with some simple decorations. There are various movers and packers companies in jlt dubai who can arrange for tables, chairs and decorations if you’re not able to source them yourself or don’t have time to go out shopping. Small touches go a long way towards making your home feel glamorous, so use candles at night, florist boxes as shelves or place vases around different rooms—all it takes is an eye for design.

 Just take into account that smaller spaces are easier to decorate than larger ones, so size is definitely something you should consider before going overboard. Make sure that whatever you buy fits into your living space comfortably and easily! If you’re using decoration items from other parts of your house (for example, a painting from another room), ensure they fit together well and don’t clash. And lastly… Don’t be afraid to mix things up! Remember, there are no rules to interior decoration—you want people to enjoy their visit but most importantly you want it to reflect YOU! If mixing patterns bothers people so much they cannot stop staring at how crazy you are then do what makes YOU happy! A hard-plastic wreath box is a good way to ensure that your wreaths are safe and not collecting dust or getting squashed when they’re not in use. Besides being a durable storage option that will last for years to come, these boxes are stackable and can lay flat but also have handles, giving you the option of hanging them up.

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