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That mobile is now an essential element for any Digital Marketing strategy has been known for at least a couple of years: on the other hand, people are increasingly connected and use different devices to surf the internet – smartphones, convertible notebooks, eReader, tablet. Gone are the days when a Desktop PC was needed to connect.

Today as never before, however, it is essential to know in detail the trends relating to mobile so as to develop customized and effective marketing strategies . But what are the trends of the current year ? Let’s find out together!

The first thing to clarify is that, if 2016 was the year in which the slogan “ Mobile First ” was coined, 2022 is not turning out to be very different. The novelty, however, is that for the first time the contents and strategies have been designed and developed with mobile devices in mind before everything else , and the desktop has incredibly taken the back seat.

Therefore, starting from this assumption, the trends that we will have to take into consideration for the next few months will be the following.

  • Shopping via mobile : People are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets to shop online. This trend, already in these first months of 2017, has shown itself to be on the rise. For online shopping via mobile, users obviously use specific apps… and this is the watchword for web development professionals. Unlike websites, although they are optimized for navigation and mobile use, apps have the innate advantage of speeding up processes, guaranteeing greater security and making the user experience more engaging. If you just can’t make them happen, at least make sure that your website offers the best on mobile devices as well.
  • Multidevice marketing : as mentioned, not only smartphones must be taken into consideration when planning a digital marketing campaign. All devices have their own importance, a loyal target, a method of use and fruition and therefore each of them must be treated with due attention at the time of strategy and development. Don’t forget anything, not even smartWatches and smartTVs, and always be flexible.
  • The importance of videos: thanks to the spread of Wi-Fi and, in general, to the speeding up and capillarity of web connections, it is now possible to enjoy videos more than ever before. In practice, videos are increasingly the protagonists of digital campaigns and this relevance will continue to grow in the months (and years) to come. In addition to video marketing, we can also talk about real time marketing, i.e. that approach to the market that is based on the ability of a brand to respond more and more quickly and proactively to the stimuli of its target, as well as to external events. . You will have already noticed how videos (and live videos) are also dominating on social networks: this is how the user is allowed to enjoy exclusive content, backstage and happenings that otherwise would be precluded. To conclude, a number not to be forgotten: the public tends to spend approximately 20% of their time online watching movies. Do your math.
  • Proximity Marketing : Geolocation is the key element that allows proximity marketing to work at its best. And since this is an option that almost all mobile users keep active, the current trend is that of so-called beacon devices. Because? Because their peculiarity is to convey personalized content to users when they are in a specific area. If done well, with valuable content aimed at well-calibrated users, proximity marketing can really make the difference for various commercial activities, while guaranteeing a satisfying and still rather unprecedented user experience.
  • Instagram Ads : the social media of photographs is increasingly powerful, and is no longer limited to sharing images and proposing increasingly elaborate photographic filters. Thanks to Facebook, Instagram is today one of the most popular and effective online advertising platforms. However, to make it work at its best, it is essential to always remember the value it attributes to quality images with a very high emotional impact. Always keep this rule in mind before creating an advertising strategy that also involves Instagram: is that photo really interesting?

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan CEO at blogili.com. Have 4 years of experience in the websites field. Uneeb Khan is the premier and most trustworthy informer for technology, telecom, business, auto news, games review in World.

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