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I have always had a natural drive for selling , based on my empathic ability and precisely because it is natural, sometimes set only on instinct, without schemes, without technique … without rules, if not those dictated by honesty. For some years I have been studying to evolve, to make my business more aware, which strongly takes into account the companies I meet and their expressed and unexpressed needs.

Consulting sales , this is the practice of listening to the needs of your interlocutor , entering into a relationship of trust and helping in choosing the solution that is most suitable for your organization. In this path of growth, meeting the inbound sales philosophy was a completely natural consequence, a real shock for my evolution and the path immediately seemed clear to me.

In the world often if you say inbound you think HubSpot and for me at the beginning if you said HubSpot you said Adib . Today it is no longer like this, or at least it is no longer “alone” like this!

Thanks to the PGB ( PIPELINE GENERATION BOOTCAMP – to which Adib kindly forced me to participate) if you say HubSpot , today, you also say Dan Tire , a real machine of concentrated success that made me take another step forward. He made me understand that it is more important to concentrate to connect with people within organizations and not just with organizations, here is a truly innovative and functional interpretation for me.

Participating in the PGB was a new experience in many ways. A class shared with other Italian agencies with different people in different roles but who all shared the will to grow and improve. Participating in the PGB was adding quality to all stages of my sales process and, at times, it was really adding new stages.

I don’t want to tell you about everything Dan has shared with us, I wouldn’t do it by giving it the right size. However, I want to share with everyone the teaching that I have most understood.

The importance of not just focusing on the budget they’ve pinned on you (trust me it comes) and instead focusing on finding people to connect with business to help and not sell. Once you manage to convey this feeling to your interlocutor, selling (reaching an agreement) will be a natural process in which price (value), service (how many words in which positions, etc.), discount (really? Again?) Will only be an intermediate step to get to work and grow together.

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