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Mistakes that Could Make Your Wife Leave

It’s not possible to have a happy marriage all the time. Every relationship has to go through ups and downs. There will be good and bad days, arguments, and romance. However, some couples are successful in navigating the hard times while some fail at keeping their “until death do us part” promise. The most common reason for a failed marriage is having unrealistic expectations. Couples think their marriage should be in perfect harmony at all times which is impossible. The truth is there will be arguments and conflicts because that’s human nature. You can’t agree with another person’s opinion or perspective all the time. Assuming your partner to be exactly like you is a big mistake. 

When a relationship falls apart, both husband and wife have their share of mistakes. However, in this post, we are focusing on the common mistakes men make that ruins their relationship. Men often don’t realize they are making a mistake until their relationship comes to the point of separation or divorce. Women can leave their husbands for several reasons. It can be due lack of intimacy, an abusive relationship, no empathy, or failure to understand her feelings. Marriage is a life-long commitment and if you seriously love your wife, you shouldn’t let her go easily. Instead of blaming your partner for failing marriage, you should evaluate your actions to find out what hurts her. Some little effort and changing problematic behavior are all you need to stop your wife from leaving. Here are some common mistakes that husbands usually make that you need to avoid to get your wife back.

Unresolved Triggers

Men aren’t as good at communication as women. They tend to avoid arguments and serious discussions. However, when issues remain unresolved, negative feelings bottle up. Men think if they don’t talk about the problem or avoid it, the issue goes away with time. But this never happens. Those unresolved issues remain in the heart and the wounded child inside your wife could lash out when you least expect it. And when that happens, you become clueless about what just happened. Men don’t understand where those reactions come from and blame the wife for overreacting. So, make sure to discuss issues and resolve problems to free your partner from inner pain.

Poor Communication

As mentioned above, men aren’t good at communication. This is the biggest mistake that creates a distance between you and your wife. Failure to share your feelings, talk about the problems, and not resolve issues can turn small issues into insurmountable problems. Miscommunication is the major cause of misunderstanding. When you don’t talk, how your partner is going to find out what’s going on in your heart and mind. Talk about your day, and what bothers you, and listen to her patiently. Relationships that are built on good communication are hard to break. Instead of expecting your partner to read your mind, start talking! 

Taking Your Wife for Granted

When you spend a considerable amount of time with one person, it’s normal to get too comfortable with that person. Marriage is, in fact, about getting comfortable with your spouse. However, this comfort often leads to neglect. You get too assured of having her that your priorities change. This results in neglecting her feeling and making her feel ignored. And when this behavior continues, your wife could decide to leave. So, never make the mistake of assuming that someone is going to stay around forever. If you want your wife to stay, put some effort to maintain your relationship.

Not Addressing Bad Habits

Talking about problems isn’t just about listening. Unless to change habits or behaviors that are creating problems in your relationship, nothing is going to save your marriage. Whether it’s disrespecting her or not sharing household responsibilities, make sure to change habits that are causing trouble.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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