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Methods To Collect Addresses for Wedding

Are you planning to send out wedding invitations? Once you’ve selected the ideal invitation template The next step is to gather the address of the guests. Instead of spending hours calling each person individually and asking “I need your address” (either through text message, email, or phone call – all of which are too time-consuming! ) Addresses for wedding invitations on the internet is the most efficient and practical solution.

After your guest’s details are in your online database It is now possible to organize the guests into groups or households, as well as assign additional guests to simplify this RSVP procedure. After this process is completed it is time to move on with the sending of the Save the Dates as well as wedding announcements. It is also possible to make use of your guest list database to communicate group announcements and updates when needed and also to send thank-you cards at the end of the day. It’s easy!

There are many online applications that provide this service at no cost; the majority use an email with a large number of your wedding guests and combine the addresses to be able to access them all in one location. This step-by-step guide to the two most effective services that address the issue of acquiring addresses for guests to aid you with the various options.

A. Minted’s Digital Address Collection Cards

Minted’s Address Collection Card Digital help to collect addresses for wedding invitations by removing the need to text or call every person to tell them, “I need your address.” The most appealing aspect is that this address-collection tool is totally free. This is how you can do it by following our step-by-step instructions.

Begin by collecting all the email addresses in one location or in a spreadsheet or the Minted Address Assistant once you’ve compiled your guest lists for the ceremony (a.k.a. an online book of addresses). Use these instructions to send guests a Digital address collection card:

1. Choose A Design For An Electronic Address Collector Card.

We suggest that you match the design with your Minted wedding invitations. This way, guests can get an early glimpse of the wedding invitation that’s to be delivered. If you’re still not deciding on an invitation theme yet, you can choose the Address Collection Card design that is in keeping with your theme for your wedding.

2. Email It To Your Guests Through Email.

Include everyone’s email addresses and Minted will send your virtual card directly to the recipients. alternatively, you can email your guests the personalized URL directly.

3. The Guest’s Mailing Information Is Entered.

Once your guest has received the invitation email you sent them They will be asked to complete an online response card that includes their address for postal purposes. The contact details will be saved to the address book you have created online.

4. The Wedding Invitations Envelopes You Send To Your Friends Will Be Addressed By Minted.

Minted can print your save date, invitation, and thank you cards envelopes in any font or style for free once everyone has filled in their addresses.

B. Form On Google Forms

Google Forms is another simple (and free) method of quickly collecting guests’ mailing addresses. Here’s how to do it:

1. Create A Brand New Google Form.

We suggest the creation of an additional email account to use to plan your wedding; use it to connect with wedding vendors as well as to develop a Google Form to collect guests’ names and addresses.

2. Ask For The Mailing Addresses Of Guests.

It is important to include the following fields for guests to fill in and we suggest that all fields be mandatory, with the exception of “Address (line 2)” to ensure guests don’t miss the required fields. The other benefit of using forms to collect guest’s addresses is that you’ll be able to spell correctly the names of all guests since every guest is accountable for filling in their personal information (the translation that you don’t need to figure out how to spell the name of anyone and you’ll have no missed invitation envelopes! ).

First name, last name

The Postal Coding (line 1)

(line 2) Postal Coding (line 2)

City State City (abbreviated)

the zip code

Once you’ve completed the address-collection form, go to the “Responses” tab and then the green box to create an instant connected spreadsheet. This is the place where the answers from your guests will be automatically populated after they’ve entered their data.

If you’re ready to submit your application, click on the link icon and you’ll be able to create an URL that you may send to visitors (we recommend choosing “shorten URL” to make the web address smaller and easier for people to recall). Copy the URL and forward it to your wedding guests by text message or email (whichever feels more comfortable to you).).

When visitors click the link (they do not require to have a Google account to complete the form) guests will be asked to fill in the form. It will be automatically filled in your spreadsheet with guest addresses.

There are several options you can employ to collect addresses for wedding invitations. One option is to contact every guest one-on-one and request their address. Alternatively, you can enlist your bridal party and parents to gather the addresses for you on your behalf. But, it can be a lengthy process and makes it hard to keep track of every guest’s address once you’ve received the address.


Another thing to bear in your head is that if have guests at your wedding who don’t have the latest technology It’s better to take the traditional route of calling directly to collect the addresses to send your invitations. If the guests are relatives or relatives from your parent’s side, you might consider making a call to a parent on your behalf. This means you can split the task of obtaining addresses and have them collected more quickly.

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