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Make Your Place Safe And Secure With Hook Lift Bins

When you have to cater to a large volume of waste, especially home improvement, you will struggle to dispose of them. The accumulation of debris on your property will become a menace if you do not clean it immediately. Moreover, you cannot use bins and dustbins as the quantity of waste is high. During such situations, hook lift bins are the perfect solution where you will be able to dispose of your waste quickly and effectively. The truck only needs to lift the bins through the hook and carry it away.

Following are the benefits of hook lift bins:

1. Versatility

Hook lift bins have hooks attached to the top of their body. It helps in the easy lifting of the containers by the trucks. The truck driver then uses its controls from inside to hoist the bins. It is a convenient way to dispose of your waste quickly. The hook lift bins are mainly used in places with a significant accumulation of debris. They immediately lift the containers with the scraps from the location and dispose of them in specific areas.

2. Works With Various Materials

You can use hook lift bins for various purposes. It is for these reasons they are used in multiple industries. You will mostly find a hook lift container in places of construction, demolition, roofing, landscaping, and similar areas. It is because hook lift bins are enormous and are easily transported through trucks. You need to dump all the waste in the hook lift bin, and the car does the remaining work. Since a hook lift bin comes in various sizes, you can use it for multiple purposes.

3. Affordable

Hook lift bins are affordable as they are hardy. So, these are the best solution if you want to lift soil, wood, construction materials, or any waste products. You can also purchase a second-hand hook lift bin if you have a considerable proportion of work, and it is worth an investment as they are long-lasting and require less maintenance.

The Varying Sizes Of Hook Lift Bins

Hook lift bins come in different sizes according to the nature of work. Therefore, estimating the amount of waste is essential while considering buying or hiring a hook lift bin. Following are the different sizes of a Hook lift bin:

  • Ten cubic meter – The ten cubic meter hook lift bin is usually for less waste material. It is used primarily for home renovation or construction where the waste is more diminutive.
  • 20 cubic meter – The 20 cubic meter hook lift ban is used for small projects, and you can use it while remodelling your lawn or cleaning your garden. Hence, it mainly deals with waste material that also including soil.
  • 25 cubic meter – The 25 cubic meter Hook lift bin is primarily used where there are large residential clean-ups, and it involves mainly timber and tree trunks of your backyard shed.
  • 30 cubic meter – When there is enormous construction or demolition work, the 30 cubic meter Hook lift bin is always a good choice.

Some Precautions

It is of utmost importance to use the correct size of hook lift bins while dealing with waste materials. Hence, you need to follow some precautions:

  • It would be best if you never tried to load the bin more than its capacity. Else it will gradually deteriorate.
  • Use the hook lift bin according to its instructions.
  • While transporting the goods, ensure the load in the hook lift bin is even.
  • It would be best if you regularly inspected the locks
  • Enclose and lock the bin properly to avoid further damage.


It is always a daunting task to dispose of the waste materials of your house or any construction site. Hence, hiring the best professional service provider for such a task is always a good deal. If you are investing in hook lift bins, always try to get the one that is most appropriate for your work. Moreover, you need to maintain it also regularly for better results.

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Uneeb Khan
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