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Make your online classes more participatory: tips for teachers

Today with the advancements in science and technology, online teaching platforms are reaching greater heights of success. Because of the convenience, comfort, and flexibility offered, many students are switching to online modes of learning. Also in the pandemic times, online classes have been a savior for all learners across the globe. 

The educational objectives and aims remain the same here as well. All online teachers aim to provide their students with a quality education. For effective teaching and learning online, two-way communication and student participation are very important. Let us discuss some effective tips that teachers can follow to make online classes more participatory. Before that, let us discuss some of its benefits. 

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Benefits of participation in the classroom 

  • Students’ speaking and listening skills are enhanced. 
  • Help teachers know the academic understanding of students. 
  • Help students get instant feedback from the teachers.
  • Classes become less monotonous and more informative 
  • Improves collaboration and cooperation skills in students. 
  • Boost students’ concentration power in the class. 
  • Helps in effective teaching and learning. 
  • Broadens knowledge and helps students to do well in exams.
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Tips for teachers to enhance student participation in online classes

1. Use technical aids to teach 

For participation in the classroom, students need to have a clear understanding of the lessons being taught to them. The bookish language is not understandable to all. Many students face difficulty in studying the lessons from textbooks. Also listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material is not very engaging for them. 

The one solution to all these problems is educational technology. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. This will surely help to enhance student participation in online classes. 

2. Ensure that your students understood the topic well 

To participate in the classroom discussions well, having clarity of mind is important. Facing doubts and queries about academic subjects is common among students. Teachers should ensure proper doubt resolution. Once done with teaching a particular topic, let your students ask their doubts. This will help them to get a proper understanding, and later be active class participants. 

3. Have break time 

In the present pandemic times, online teaching has been a new experience for many. Focusing via computer or mobile screens has been challenging for students. And if back-to-back academic classes are conducted, students face exhaustion and lose concentration and interest in learning. 

To become an effective online teacher, make sure to have a break time. Using school ERP, teachers should plan classes in such a way that time for a break can be made. When a short break time, will be enough to get away from the screens for a bit, re-energize themselves and be ready for further learning. This will surely help to make students actively involved in classroom activities. 

4. Make students feel safe and encourage them to participate 

Many students, even having the ideas and knowledge to share, stay quiet and reserved because of fear. They feel that they might be judged, scolded, or joked off if they said something incorrect. Make your students stop thinking this way. Set disciplinary measures for your class, and make your students feel safe and secure. Ask them to participate in the class without any fear. Keep encouraging them to participate in the classroom discussions. Tell them not to let their inner fear stop them from growing. This will provide students with a motivational boost to do better in online classes. 

5. Give marks for participation 

Many students are reluctant to participate. But when it will be a matter of marks, all will be pushed to speak up and become a participant in classroom activities. Ask students that they will be given grades and marks as per their contribution and participation in the class. By using an ERP for school, teachers should maintain score records of students’ classroom performance. See what the students progress and who is lagging. 


Leaving behind the conventional methods of education, online teaching is spreading at a faster rate. We discussed the benefits of having active student participation in online classes.  By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can enhance student participation in online classes. This will help in successful online teaching and learning. 

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