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Trendy Summer Outfit Ideas to Start Wearing Now

Do we smell the aroma of some bbq and the fizzy sound of a chilled soda being poured? This only means one thing: the summer season is here and we need to refresh our wardrobe. This year bright and bold colours have taken over the fashion industry. Whereas pastel shades and neutral hues are here to stay, lively hues will be more prominent this season. This article has all the guidelines to rock that floral printed women summer dress and help you embrace the warm-weather trends. Ladies’ summer dresses should always be about ease and comfort and make you feel confident and carefree at the same time. 

So here are our top women’s summer clothes trends that you must memorize for some great outfits.  

It’s all about the prints and colours


Women are quite selective of the colours they chose to wear as they want to look the best out of all. After trying on multiple ready to wear dress in various colours, they finally can shortlist some dresses in particular colours.  However, this year, fashion trends are all about wearing bright colours and quirky prints. The kind of dress one wears says a lot about their personality. For instance, wearing a floral summer dress indicated your liking of nature and colours. On the other hand, opting for solid coloured dresses shows a love for minimalism. 

You can find some trendy and beautiful summer dresses at the following outlets to rock that summer look:

By the way, do check out Orient’s special price lawn collection as they have got plenty of fun prints at a very reasonable price. 

Escape in fashionable attire

Belted Dress

When the heat gets unbearable in the hot weather, it’s time to pack your bags and leave for a vacation. This means, you have a list of fabulous places to see and must have some gorgeous and special dress to wear to these places. This is where summer dresses sale come in handy. For the true holiday vibe dresses, you can check out the annual summer clothes sale at Zara, H&M, Splash, Mantra, Mango, etc. these being the high-end brands, you can still achieve the “it-look” while being under a budget. You may want to check out the stunning dress collection at Khaadi, with their exotic printed floral summer dress collection. Similarly, Ethnic has plenty of chic dresses with colourful patterns and some bold cuts for an edgy look. 

Summer fashion is all about nostalgia


Aren’t you all having a déjà vu after going through the fashion content available on the internet? Well, this summer, the fashion ramp looks more like a creation from the past, with iconic looks from the 90s. Yes! That’s true; all Pakistani brands ready to wear are bringing back the 90’s classic looks. The punk rocker looks and the sleek diva attire are what you should aim for. The graphic printed crop tops, leather bootlegs, denim, slim fit tees, low rise jeans, and the classic hairstyles with retro sunglasses are some of the summer wardrobe essentials. So what are you all girls waiting for? Hurry up and get creative with these hippiest yet cool beautiful summer dresses

Road trip packing list

Other than some comfy pajamas and shirts, your travel luggage needs to have some spot-on women’s summer clothes to slay the look. Here are some of the trendy “it-looks” you girls must pack with yourself:

  • A few crotchet tops and dresses for maximum airflow
  • Flow and breezy floral summer dress
  • Floral or a batik printed hair scarf to keep your hair strands in place
  • Go for the unconventional style of patchwork or embroidered pockets

Tips and tricks to look your best

Every girl wants to know a few tips for getting ready for an event or dinner.  So here are some of our foolproof tricks for you to get ready for the special events to flaunt your special dress.

If you plan to buy a ready to wear a dress, always buy from only those shops where you are familiar with their sizes, cuts and styles. The same goes for the category of buying any unstitched dress. Buying from a completely new brand can be a little risky for the first time.


Setting your budget is important. To look you don’t always have to spend lots of money. Look out for economical shops which offer discounted dress or accessories.  This means you don’t necessarily have to purchase an expensive top or dress from high-end clothing brands. Instead, look for money-saving opportunities by purchasing from ladies’ clothes sale. Moreover, repeating a dress for a bbq night and a lunch get together with friends the next day won’t hurt much of your ego. There are certain ways to repeat a dress and never let your audience know how you did it. Add a different piece of accessories, or pair different shoes with it the next day, and a different hairstyle for a new look. 

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