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What Are The Best Blogs About Business Logistics Logistics UK 2023?

Logistics UK management describes the transportation, storage, and warehousing of both raw materials and finished products. Good logistics blogs let you keep up with industry trends, explore solutions to logistics challenges, and ask and discuss questions relevant to your business. Topics include globalization, current regulations, software, and changes in the industry.

Many logistics blogs are affiliated with supply chains, third-party logistics, or transportation companies, though we’ve also included some industry pundits on the list. Here are some of the best blogs that cover logistics software, information, security, and all aspects of the logistics management industry.

Logistics Management

Logistics BlogsThe Logistics Management blog is published by the respected industry magazine that has been around since 1962. The site features daily news updates and regular blog posts about all aspects of the logistics industry.

Trinity Logistics

The Trinity Logistics blog is published by Trinity Logistics, a U.S.-based corporation with 90 locations across the country. The blog provides a useful window into industry practices and is valued by industry insiders and the company’s customers.

Women and Logistics

Blog For LogisticsWomen and Logistics founder Jean Reagan is President and CEO of TranzAct Technologies. Her blog discusses female logistics management leaders and the increasing role of women in the field.

Logistics Portal

Nick Matyas serves as editor of this portal for logistics news from around the web. Nick provides his unique take on relevant news stories and offers commentary on logistics management trends.

Modern Materials Handling

This comprehensive site offers blogs, webcasts, and white papers covering the latest logistics industry topics. The site also features a news feed that is updated regularly.

Lean Logistics Blog

LeanCor’s company blog specializes in lean logistics UK and provides a discussion board for best practices within the industry. The company has been in business since 2005.

Freight Dawg

The Freight Dawg blog is manned by Eric Joiner, Jr., an industry insider with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Joiner tracks a wide range of topics covering logistics Uk and supply change management and uses his long experience to provide insightful commentary.

The Voyager

Run by supply chain software company Logility, The Voyager focuses on the operations, inventory, and software side of logistics management.

BlueGrace Logistics

This blog from transportation management company BlueGrace Logistics covers logistics management, transportation regulations, and changes in the shipping industry.

PNG Logistics

PNG Logistics is a full-service logistics firm. Their blog covers changes in technology, transportation, and news about supply chain management.

Material Handling & Logistics

Supply Chains Rock

The target audience for this information portal is senior management who are responsible for company logistics. The site offers white papers, webinars, and current news relevant to supply chain management.

Christopher Sciacca is a Swiss-based employee for IBM whose goal is to make supply chain data engaging and interesting. He aims to educate customers but also provides valuable information for industry professionals.

Inbound Logistics

Logistics BloggingInbound Logistics is technically an online magazine rather than a blog. But the site is a vast resource of useful materials, including website directories, databases of major logistics providers, and free logistics planning materials.

Logistics Viewpoints

Together editors Steve Banker and Adrian Gonzalez have more than 25 years of logistics uk experience. These bloggers focus on technology changes and the latest innovations within the industry.

3PL Wire

One of the leading industry blogs for third-party logistics, 3PL Wire has been active since 2006 and covers security, third-party logistical trends, and industry news. Extreme Factories

Extreme Factories is a UK firm specializing in logistics uk technologies. Their blog focuses on new innovations and on how to use process improvement and optimization to make logistics management more efficient.

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