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Lip Enhancement Near Me: Options to have full young smile

Your lips may be very thin and you are just not happy by it. Previously, people with such lips were forced to live like that and be envious at others having fuller lips. Fortunately, advanced medical technology has completely revolutionised how people look and feel. Nowadays, it is possible for both men and women to avail lip enhancement treatments. There are easily available a wide range of lip enhancement or augmentation methods. 

Available lip enhancement options 

If you search on the web for ‘Lip Enhancement Near Me’, you are sure to come across surgical and non-surgical options. You do need to be aware of the options available and get to know them in details. This way, you can make the right choice. Remember, it is a cosmetic treatment and hence, not all types might suit everyone. Hence, you need to identify which type you are eligible for and how safe it is. 

Non-Surgical treatment

To derive fuller lips, fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are injected in the desired areas of the lips. Besides making the lips full, filler injections distends lip skin, thereby reducing lip wrinkles and lip lines. With proper injection, fillers turn the upper lip’ pink portion upwards to create younger appearance. With age, lips tend to lengthen and turn downwards. But half-yearly or yearly repetitions will be necessary. 

Surgical treatment

  • Lip Implants: Several implants are used that are soft, small and quite different when compared to breast implants. Small Gortex pieces are used for quite some time. Newer implants are quite similar to small, long balloons inserted within the lips. With lip implants, lip augmentation results are stated to be permanent and excellent, unlike fillers. But if the body rejects it, then significant scarring might occur resulting in deformity. You may also avail Acne Scar Treatment Sheffield.
  • Fat Injections: Generally fat harvesting is done from other areas of the body like the hip region. Fat removed is treated to enhance ‘survival’ or ‘take’ after transplantation is completed. Then, fat is injected within the lip region to plump as well as to fill the tissue. Injection of fat works. However, there is experienced prolonged swelling including bruising in the region. As 50% fat dissolves, surgeon needs to over-correct the injection. Final results might take about 3-6 months time. 
  • Lip lift surgery: Two types of lip lift procedures are commonly performed. However, the best among the two is the latest technique that is done on the upper lip’s inside part. It does not leave behind no visible scar. When performing lip lift procedure, mucosa (the mouth’s pink tissue) in small flaps push upwards and outwards the lips. This procedure does not show any visible scars and offer excellent results. 

Why have cosmetic procedures?People these days are more beauty conscious. Plump, full looking lips are regarded to be the ideal need for enhancing facial beauty. It has become a trend in the 21st century where celebrities, the rich and the beauty conscious can be seen heading to the leading cosmetic surgeon’s offices. With some research and understanding, you can avail augmented lips and become the centre of attraction.

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