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5 Reasons Why Microsoft Power BI is The Best Business Intelligence Solution

Business intelligence has become a staple tool for transforming various types of data into actionable, business-enhancing solutions. Businesses make meaningful decisions regarding future practices and goods by gathering, interpreting, and analysing data collected by Power BI.

Today, graduates with Power BI certification are more actively recruited for analyst and developer profiles. This article explores five reasons why Power BI is so important and how you can get Power BI certified.

  1. Power BI supports several Data Sources and Integrations.

With Microsoft Power BI, data can be imported from a variety of sources, and it can also link to databases and data files such as XML and JSON. It also integrates with third-party tools and solutions such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, Spark, Hadoop, etc.

Businesses may combine Microsoft Power BI with their existing business environment for expanded capabilities by working with IT professionals.

  1. Microsoft Power BI is constantly updating and innovating.

Microsoft Power BI is updated every month. As a result, companies require their IT team to undergo Power BI training as and when to get the most out of the updated features. 

Users will always have access to the most up-to-date and innovative capabilities, allowing them to make more informed business decisions. The tool is routinely updated with new features, and current capacities are modified and improved.

  1. Power BI is incredibly cost-effective.

Power BI is reasonably economical and affordable for small and mid-sized enterprises when compared to comparable business intelligence and analytics applications. It is also economical with respect to the candidates applying for these jobs as the Power BI certification cost is $165.

Power BI also comes in a variety of variations, allowing you to select the one that best suits the company’s needs. Businesses will be able to make sensible and educated decisions on the under performing and rising market as a result of this.

Aside from that, firms that use Power BI for internal data analysis will almost certainly save money. 

  1. Microsoft Power BI provides unparalleled security.

Power BI comes with several security capabilities and encryption features that help users protect sensitive data and adhere to various security and compliance standards. In addition, power BI makes use of Microsoft’s Cloud App Security feature, which provides extensive visibility, control over data movement, and advanced analytics to identify and combat cyber threats.

Furthermore, the sensitivity labelling feature in Power BI makes it simple for admins to notify users and customers about which data/information is sensitive and should be handled differently.

  1. Power BI has Superior connectivity.

Power BI supports a wide variety of data sources, including CRM sales data and ERP financial data. This allows you to construct new and interesting data sets by combining data from several sources.

Companies who use the Microsoft Power BI analytics tool will be able to link it with Cortana, Bot framework, and a variety of other advanced cloud services with ease. Power BI’s security procedures constantly improve and keep up with international security standards.

Additional Benefits of the Microsoft Power BI tool

  • Microsoft Power BI allows you to deploy several customised dashboards.
  • It facilitates collaboration by allowing for quick report sharing. 
  • There are no memory or speed limitations with Microsoft Power BI.
  • There is a quick extraction of business intelligence and reports.

Microsoft Power BI Certification Path

The Analysing & Visualising Data with Microsoft Power BI exam is your key to advancement in this direction. To pass this exam, you must have a solid understanding of how to use Power BI to execute data analysis.

Candidates must be proficient in using Microsoft Excel to undertake data analysis in order to pass the Analysing & Visualising data with the Microsoft Excel exam.

With a Power BI course, you will be able to ingest, transform, and visualise data with Excel. Knowing how to configure and manipulate data in Power Pivot, Pivot Tables, and Pivot Charts.

It will also help candidates connect to data sources and execute data transformations, model/display data, and design dashboards.

In Conclusion

The cloud-based business analytics solution’s novel and robust set of tools have the ability to provide enterprises with actionable information. Power BI’s extensive collection of features will significantly enable businesses to boost their business intelligence.

Companies are looking for skilled individuals, and a Power BI certification validates said skills. This certification acts as a filter and gives people an extra edge over uncertified graduates. It is worth looking into it to advance in the IT sector.

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