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No matter what aspects you pay much attention to, such as the exterior design or the environment inside, there is no doubt that your Lexus is an elegant expression of luxury. Consequently, to maintain its elegance as long as possible, owners need to carefully protect the Lexus from crashes or something damaged when it is used. However, Lexus serves you as your closest partner in daily life so it still suffers from the normal spills and stains from a well-used vehicle on the road, for whether it’s a resting place or a daily routine.

Of course, many Lexus dealerships have detailed team training that can help repair your vehicle (and combat the effects of messy situations, such as a leaky grocery bag). But for those of you who enjoy cleaning your Lexus regularly or wondering what to do when a breakdown occurs, there are a few recommendations for cleaning your vehicle. 

Windows: A common tip from many detailing teams at Lexus dealers is to avoid washing windows in direct sunlight, which often dries out too quickly and causes streaking. 

And to clean your windows like a pro, spray the glass cleaner naturally onto a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth or waffle fabric (waffle-patterned fabrics are available at umbrella parts stores. bowl), do not spray directly onto windows. From there, roll down the windows and clean the top edges, which is something many drivers overlook, but which professionals usually clean first (hidden dirt will stick there over time). Then, wipe the inside and outside of the window with a detergent-soaked cloth, wiping each surface  with a separate lint-free microfiber cloth.

Floor mats: The number one rule when a Lexus floor mat or carpet is spilled, says a Lexus dealer detailer, is to avoid letting the liquid dry – too dry is the cause of the stain. Lexus Detailing Teams can usually clean up most  spills as long as you take  immediate action. 

First, lightly blot the area with an absorbent cloth to remove as much of the liquid as possible, then lightly dab a soft cloth with dish soap  (avoid bathroom cleaners or anything with ammonia). Then wipe the area again with a damp cloth to remove  soap and keep the area wet with a damp cloth until you can take the vehicle to a Lexus dealer. 

For sticky material that has hardened to carpet or rugs, you can usually remove it by gently rubbing the credit card back and forth over the area gently but firmly, holding the card at a slight angle. Also be aware that there’s one ingredient that usually can’t be removed without leaving a trace: high-fructose corn syrup, commonly found in candies, juices, and sports drinks. This can really damage carpet fibers, so Lexus retailers recommend that you avoid bringing anything sugary, especially sports drinks, into the passenger compartment of your vehicle. 

Seats and trim: For hard cabin surfaces (such as wood trim) and soft materials (such as seats, upholstery, and instrument panels), also lightly spray  cleaner on a soft microfiber cloth to prevent cleaning liquid from entering the air vent, button seam, or speaker.

For both hard and soft glassless interiors, many Lexus detailers recommend the use of a Lexus interior-friendly citrus (non-concentrated) all-purpose cleaner. Be careful to avoid furniture polishes and in-car cleaning products from major brands that can damage the Lexus dashboard material. 

Screen: Fingerprints are clearly the number one reason the screen needs to be cleaned, and when refurbishing a vehicle screen, avoid the use of ammonia-based cleaners that can damage the finish. Most Lexus detailing teams recommend glass cleaners unless they  contain ammonia. Like windows and other interior elements, professional Lexus details first spray the cleaner on a lint-free microfiber cloth rather than directly on the surface-in this case light splits. Then wipe the screen. Also, never use a microfiber cloth that has fallen to the floor. This is a best practice for cleaning all Lexus components, but especially for screens that are easily scratched by invisible particles picked up from the floor. 

Wheels: Tires can be washed with soap and water, but Lexus wheel spokes look best given some special considerations. Brake dust can mix with dirt on the road and accumulate in small spoke spaces, making cleaning difficult. Here’s how to do it professionally. Spray the  wheel cleaner directly onto the spokes, place two fingers in the cleaning lugs (cleaning gloves and waffle towels are effective), and  clean each gap vigorously with one or two fingers. Once the area is clean and dry with a towel, consider installing a brake dust barrier (Lexus dealers may be able to buy recommended brands; dealers can also find good brands). 

Sticky exterior materials: To remove sticky substances such as road tar and sap from the car body, you can use body solvents or paint-based cleaners (available at auto parts stores). First, pour the cleaner on a clean cloth, gently wipe the affected area  until the residue is completely removed, and repeat this procedure as needed.  Another option is to clean the putty (also available at auto parts stores). 

How it works: Gently rub clay against a sticky material. This allows the clay to be extracted without damaging the body. After that, some polishing may be required. A soft, residue-free microfiber cloth can be used with abrasive wax to finish the affected area.  

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns about cleaning your Lexus, please contact your Lexus Service Advisor who can explain  cleaning and detailed options for your Lexus dealer (which may vary from dealer to dealer). Lexus dealers typically recommend an annual professional detailing session, and an experienced detailing team addresses more advanced issues such as polishing the interior trim elements of older models and removing scratches on the headlights. 

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