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Learn the fundamentals of level 5 leadership

Companies that become renowned brands always have extraordinary individuals leading the way. A level 5 leader is the most important person who makes sure the organization becomes unbeatable in its field. Who is a Level 5 leader, and what are the qualities he must possess?

The theory of Level 5 leadership

Jim Collins, a famous business researcher, coined the term ‘Level 5 leader’ after extensive research over five years. Level 5 leadership is a unique concept as it is set up on empirical evidence. Jim conducted his research to understand what differentiates ‘good’ businesses from ‘great’ businesses.

Great companies are companies that make a minimum of three remarkable jumps in the stock market over a time frame of 15 years. By collecting data from 1,435+ companies, he realized that only 11 organizations fit the criterion. In the end, he discovered that those 11 companies had one thing in common: a leader who was a rare combination of “intense professional will” and “extreme personal humility”.

How is a Level 5 Leader different from leaders on other levels?

Companies have specific expectations from different levels of leaders. Leaders can be of 5 types based on their traits and capabilities:

  • Level 1 – A Highly Capable Individual: A confident and knowledgeable person who can make meaningful contributions through his talent, skills, morals, and impressive work habits is perfect for this role.
  • Level 2 – Contributing Team Member: A level 2 leader is a person who values teamwork and contributes to the fulfilment of group goals. He is someone who can work harmoniously with other team members.
  • Level 3 – Competent Manager: A leader who organizes people and resources toward a pre-decided goal set by the company is an example of a Level 3 leader.
  • Level 4 – Effective Leader: An ideal Level 4 leader is a person who can be a positive influence on the team. He empowers employees with his compelling vision and motivates them to give their best.
  • Level 5 – Executive: A leader who is a paradoxical blend of professional determination and personal modesty is a classic level 5 leader.

An Inspiring Anecdote on Level 5 Leadership

In 1971, Darwin E. Smith, an apparently ordinary man, became the chief executive of an old paper company, Kimberly-Clark. The company’s stock had dropped by 36% beneath the general market at that time and Smith wasn’t confident if he was the right choice. The director of Kimberly-Clark too told the mild-mannered man that he lacked the qualifications to become a chief executive.

But, in the next 20 years, Kimberly-Clark emerged as the world’s leading paper products company under the leadership of Smith. His turnaround of the company is one of the best instances in the 20th century of a great level 5 leader – a person with professional will and personal humility.

How to become a Level 5 leader?

Level 5 leadership is a powerful position in any organization, and the person needs to have certain skills to become a successful Level 5 leader.

Professional will is the first quality you need to master to become a Level 5 leader in a reputable company, and it means:

  • Doing what needs to be done, irrespective of the challenges
  • Acknowledging the contributions of employees and giving them credit instead of revelling in self-glory
  • Ensuring the company achieves excellent outcomes
  • Taking steps to strengthen the company so that it can maintain its standards even in your absence

The second characteristic trait that organizations seek in a Level 5 leader is personal modesty. It means:

  • Performing your duty with calmness and determination
  • Refraining from boastfulness and never being hungry for public praise
  • Displaying a standard of professional excellence besides having an impressive personality
  • Prioritizing the company’s ambition instead of your personal aspirations to become successful
  • Accepting your drawbacks and changing your strategy in times of crisis instead of blaming others

4 tips to attain a Level 5 leader’s qualities:

  1. Learn to excel under pressure
  2. Keep ego aside and practice humility
  3. Gain loyal followers
  4. Lead the company with a passion

Becoming a Great Leader

All in all, Level 5 leadership is instrumental to the success of a business. If you dream of becoming a leader that the world will remember, start working on yourself now. A leadership training program from a renowned institution will help you brush up on your leadership skills. If you can cultivate the qualities specified by Jim Collins, you will certainly get noticed as an ideal leader to head a company.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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