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Laminex Door and Drawer: Are They Worth The Investment?

Laminex door is durable, affordable, and available in a huge variety of shapes, colours, and finishes. Additionally, laminate cabinets with drawers and doors are also highly popular in the market. Read on and scan the article below for a more in-depth description and instant overview of these products.

Why Choose Cabinet Doors & Drawers By Laminex?

The cupboard doors and drawers take up such a sizable percentage of the horizontal area in the room, regardless of whether you’re creating a dining area, bathroom, laundry room, or home office, that you’ll want to get the appearance and feel just perfect. To survive every day of being tugged open and shut and repeatedly bumped into, the outermost material you select must also be sturdy and long-lasting. Here are the following reasons why you must consider Laminex products.

The Content

The best laminate choice for cabinet doors and drawers is Laminex decorative MDF. It is created in Australia with a sturdy MDF core made from locally sourced, responsibly harvested timber and decorative paper coated in melamine. You’re guaranteed to find the ideal decor for your project because the fantastic colours and textures in the Laminex Colour Collections were specially made for Australian design preferences.

The Price

Laminex doors and drawers are also budget-friendly. The most affordable option is laminate in Raw or Flint finish; more expensive options include textured finishes like Laminex Absolute Matte and Laminex PureGrain.

The Robustness

The most vulnerable parts of cabinetry are the Laminex doors and drawers, which are frequently exposed to liquids such as water. Laminex laminate drawers and doors are a popular choice because of this. Laminex doors decorated MDF is colour stable in ordinary indoor lighting circumstances, scratch and stain resistant, and comes standard with a moisture-resistant plywood core to reduce the danger of water damage.

A Range

The Laminex doors colour collection, available in various qualities, including colour-matched ABS edging, is at your disposal when designing with Laminex-adorned MDF. Bold solid tones, delicate pastel colours, rich neutrals, real woodgrains, and many other options are available. A carefully chosen yet substantial selection of Whites & Neutrals, Accents, and Woodgrains collections from Laminex are included within the Made-to-Measure Door and Panels line. A wide selection of profiles, including those with square and bevelled borders, face- and pocket-routered creates, and glaze framed doors, are also available, along with several finish choices to help you hone your preferred style damage.

The View

Laminex doors give you countless design options for cabinetry doors and drawers. For a modern handle-free appearance, use Design Edge with the Bevelled Edge profile. If you want to be sleek, consider using Laminex Absolute Matte Black. Use a Laminex-adorned board with a highly realistic woodgrain design to make it simple and cosy.

How Do You Know If The Material Is Good?

You need to pay great attention to the inside cabinetry construction in addition to the cosmetic aspects of the cabinet door. What you require to understand about each type of material is as follows:

Fibreboard with a Medium Density

MDF is a premium composite material created from resin and reclaimed wood fibres. It is frequently produced in a one-piece frame with the centre scooped out for the sunken panel and is CNC-milled under intense pressure. Since the Scandinavian firm has monopolised the global supply for its numerous kitchen collections over the years, the dense and hefty product is almost synonymous with IKEA doors. MDF is popular because it resists peeling and breaking, making it very simple to paint over.


In addition to being a reasonably inexpensive material, plywood is preferred by many manufacturers for use in making cabinets because it is claimed to be more stable and resistant to moisture than MDF. Thin wood piles have adhered to each other to create a sandwich-like layer in each plank that makes up wood cabinets. For further protection, the exterior is covered in transparent plastic laminate, wood veneer, or thermofoil.


The least common approach to cabinet construction is using particleboard. Wood chips and other small particles are mixed with an adhesive to make particleboard, which is subsequently fused into the panels. This mixture is not the most sturdy of all the alternatives because it essentially consists of small bits of wood that are only held together by glue.

Laminex Doors in Your Kitchen vs. Real Wood

For many years, wooden cabinets were the norm in kitchens. This was because no other material was available, but as the production of synthetic materials grew, so did the demand for substitutes. This greatly increased the alternatives for more robust, reasonably priced kitchens for the typical homeowner. Laminex doors and Laminex kitchen cabinet panels and frames are now available in various colours and finishes to fit even an expensive kitchen renovation, replacing genuine wood cabinetry as the only option for most luxury kitchen layouts during the past ten years. If you still need convincing, we’ll go through some solid arguments in favour of using Laminex doors instead of genuine wood for remodelling your kitchen.

At first glance, it’s impossible to tell.

Laminex doors are difficult to tell apart from real wood, even when you thoroughly scrutinise the cabinet. The finishes mimic the natural appearance of real wood, including the grain. This implies you can get the same true wood look for much less money.

You desire high quality without paying a high price.

Kitchen cabinet frames and panels made of Laminex are always far less expensive than cabinets made of solid wood. Depending on what you choose, you might save up to 50%. This makes it much simpler to enjoy a luxurious appearance without paying a high price.

You need something that can withstand heavy use.

Most of us understand that our kitchens must endure heavy work every day. Cabinets will be opened and shut down daily in an active home, so the products you should purchase must be sturdy and high-quality.


The kitchen cupboard drawers and doors must be able to withstand the calls, spills, and leaks without requiring a lot of maintenance due to this frequent usage. Laminex doors are durable and can often be cleaned with a moist cloth to remove most spills. Even if you’re a sloppy cook or your kids frequently spill fizzy drinks down the cabinet door rather than into their glass, you don’t need to bother about oiling, polishing, or another special treatment. This enables you to maintain the attractiveness of your kitchen cabinets for many years.

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