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Know is Online Nikah Valid in Pakistan?

Know is Online Nikah Valid in Pakistan:

 If you wish to know is online nikah valid in Pakistan by lawyers Pakistan, YES, it is valid. In such instances, the marriage can be proved with the help of oral evidence. The fact that according to common custom, couples are married doesn’t mean that they do away with the requirement of preparing the official record of the wedding. But, if you have children with two people who have been married openly as husband and wife and are both deceased, the legality of their children can’t be challenged on the reason that there is no evidence that traces their parent’s wedding is not available. Is online nikah valid in Pakistan by lawyers Pakistan, YES, it is valid, A marriage that has been declared null and void is, if it was made with good intention, civil consequences of the union as far as couples themselves as well as their children are involved.

Good Faith:

If only one party was acting in good faith, the legal implications of marriage only apply to the innocent person and the children who are part of the union.  Until a court has declared that the marriage is null, the union between the French citizens and non-French citizen who has been married in another country is binding on both couples, even if the formalities that are required by French law haven’t been followed. If an Englishwoman who is in good faith marries a Frenchman in London, she is entitled under French legislation to have the rights of a wife’s civil rights and children.

Lawyers of Pakistan:

Is online nikah valid in Pakistan by lawyers Pakistan, YES, it is valid. The wedding is considered valid, even if the wedding had not been celebrated following the public announcement of banns according to the procedure required by the code or the written record of such a ceremony is not transcribed within three months after the return from the French husband to France. The foreign spouse would enjoy the same rights when she marries a Frenchman less than twenty-five years old age, without the prior consent of his parents. Of course, an event can be declared invalid and void, which would allow both parties to get married again.

Husband and Wife:

Married people owe each other the utmost respect, support, and support. A husband owes security to his wife. is online nikah valid in Pakistan by lawyers Pakistan, YES, it is valid, The wife is obliged to obey her husband. A wife is required to be with her husband and follow the man wherever he believes it suitable to reside.

Husband Obligation:

 A husband is obliged to take care of his wife and give her everything necessary needs of his life, in accordance with his financial resources and his conditions. A wife cannot file any civil action without the[ 42 approval of the husband even if she’s an active trader who is not married as part of the system in a group of goods or owns the distinct property. A wife is not able to give away her home, transfer the title to a mortgage, or purchase property, either with or without consideration, without her husband’s agreement in the agreement in which the transfer is done or granting his written consent.

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