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How Much Khula Pakistan Does it Cost?

Q: What is khula? Who can file for Khula? How Long Does It Take? How Much Does it Cost?

 A: Khula is the Islamic procedure of legal separation of the wife from her husband. Khula is initiated by the wife with the written consent of her husband by handing over the amount of money paid or agreed upon at the time of marriage. Nowadays Islamic laws are precisely defined in Pakistan. Khula can be filed by the wife if the husband is not willing to divorce her. It is a voluntary request for divorce. The court shall issue a decree for khula after the husband has consented to the withdrawal of marriage. The court may also award reasonable expenses to the wife for the purpose of marriage and for her maintenance for a period of three menstrual cycles. The husband is bound to pay the amount of dowry at the time of the marriage, which is a part of the wife’s property on her divorce.

Khula is Legal Under Islamic Countries:

Khula is a legal term used in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and other Islamic countries to denote the wife’s right to sever her marriage contract. Khula is the right of the wife to seek divorce from the husband without the husband’s consent in accordance to the Islamic law.

Different Circumstances of Khula:

 Khula is available to the wife in the Sharia in the following circumstances:  (a) If the husband does not provide for her maintenance (or reasonable allowance) after marriage, (b) If the husband does not provide her with marital rights, (c) If the husband commits a punishable offense against her, (d) If the husband has no intention to keep her as his wife. Divorce has a devastating impact on the families and the society. The process of khula (divorce) goes much faster than the process for a normal divorce in a Muslim country. The khula procedure is simple and can be completed in a matter of few months as opposed to the two year process of a normal divorce.

Court for a Divorce:

The word Khula translated from Arabic means to separate in a dignified manner. Khula is a set procedure which provides a woman with a way to separate from her spouse without going through the lengthy and expensive process of formally resorting to a Court for a divorce. Khula is the most preferred way of initiating divorce amongst the Muslim women in Pakistan. Our team of Lawyer Will Solve Your All legal Matters.

Khula with Reference:

The word Khula is word for word translation of the Arabic word Khul. In verse 2:229 of Holy Quran, the word ‘Khul’ has been used for dissolution of marriage by the wife, by returning the dower to the husband. In other words, Khula is the Arabic word for Dissolution or the returning of dower to the husband by the wife.

Get Details On Khula & Divorce Law in Pakistan:

You can get details of Khula and Divorce Law in Pakistan by visiting our website here: https://www.advocateinlahore.com/procedure-of-divorce-in-pakistan/

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