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Know About These Effective Summer Home Improvement Ideas

The summer comes with heat waves and unpleasant weather conditions. So, it becomes unbearable to stay inside the house if you have not upgraded the heating and cooling systems of your home. You also need to replace the insulation if it is damaged due to rodent activities. This will ensure that your home remains energy-efficient throughout the summer season.

If you want to upgrade your home to make it summer-ready then you can visit https://www.jayremodeling.com/ to hire the trusted home remodeling contractor in your location. Our professionals will give you amazing summer home improvement ideas that will make your indoor atmosphere pleasant and comfortable. So, let us know about a few of these ideas that you can incorporate into your home in the summer season.

Improve Siding

Sliding creates a protective shield around a house and also gives a curb appeal to the exterior part of your home. So, you can improve the siding of your home to keep the summer heat out and the indoors cool. This will help save a lot of your bucks by avoiding the excess expenditure on air-conditioners. So, you can discuss with your general contractor to improve the siding instead of spending a lot on air-conditioning options.

Remodel Kitchen

An ideal kitchen not only looks beautiful but also has more functional storage space inside it. During summer, guests tend to visit your place, which means you will have to cook more. So, you can think about creating an outdoor kitchen to treat and greet your friends over there. This will also help you beat the heat and make the cooking process convenient for you. If you do not want to set up an outdoor kitchen then you can also upgrade the indoor kitchen by adding more storage cabinets in your kitchen.

You can upgrade kitchen appliances and install energy-efficient appliances to minimize energy usage. If you are a creative person and want to reflect the creative side of your personality then you can accessorize your kitchen with decorative lights, mirrors, and green plants so that it will enhance the look of your summer kitchen.

Deck Addition

During the summer, you often use the backyard area to have family meals and fun activities. So, it will be a great idea to install a deck in the backyard area during the summer season. A deck can help create a welcoming space for fun activities and family gatherings in the summer season. Decks are a great source of adding more storage space. We recommend you hire a reliable home remodeling contractor to install decks in the backyard area that will add depth to your outdoor area.

Install Storm Doors

During the summer season, you might face frequent storms due to extremely hot and humid weather. So, you can install doors that will protect your home from these unexpected thunderstorms. Storm doors help trap the cool air inside your home and also protect it from heavy rain. You can also discuss with your general contractor to select stylish storm doors to give your home a beautiful look.

Make your windows energy-efficient

During the hot summer days, you can install energy-efficient windows to protect your home from heat waves. They also help save a lot on your energy bills like the storm doors thereby insulating the siding of your home. You can have a lot of design options as far as the energy-efficient window is concerned. So, if you are confused about the best window for your home, then take the help of a professional to select the right one.

Remodel your bathroom

If you have more guests in summer time then there will be frequent bathroom usage. So, you can focus on the problematic areas of your bathroom and remodel it to make it more functional. Moreover, renovating your bathroom will create a good impression on your guests. So, we recommend you upgrade the tiles in the shower area to enhance the bathing experience. Add new cabinets to give your old bathroom a vibrant look. Add decorative lights to brighten up the bath space. Also, invest in some aroma diffusers that will give a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.

A fresh coat of Paint will work

The summer comes with scorching heat waves that make life unbearable. Hence, you can refresh your mood by applying a fresh coat of paint to your home. Painting can be an easy task during the summer season as summer heat helps dry out the paint quickly. So, you can add vibrancy to your home with less effort by applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls. 

Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can minimize indoor heat quickly and save a lot on energy bills at the same time. If you think your thermostat is not working properly then add a smart one that will make your home energy-efficient.


Besides these, you can also upgrade your home insulation to lower the energy usage in your home. Check regularly to find out if any rodent activities are going on in the attics. If you find rodents damaging the attic insulation then you can replace the insulation to minimize the risk of high energy usage.

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