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Jonah Engler: Tips to Help a Child Overcome Trauma

Trauma can leave a lasting impact on someone’s mental health and emotions. And it has a much more severe impact on children than on adults. Children are much more vulnerable to a traumatic event. They are likely to get scarred for years if they are not given help at the right time.

Trauma can be of any type; it can be an accident, a natural disaster, witnessing a crime. Or going through something that affects their body or their family members. But all such events. And incidents can instill fear in children and also result in them developing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).Which has almost permanent emotional and mental effects on a person.

This is why Jonah Engler says it is crucial to help children overcome their childhood traumas from early age. Before they pent it up inside themselves and struggle due to it later in life. Hence, here are 3 tips for parents and guardians to help children deal with trauma and overcome it.

Jonah Engler’s Tips to Helps Children Deal with Trauma

Make them Feel Safe and Secure

The biggest effect of trauma is that it instills fear in a person. This is also how people develop their very unusual phobias, and if they are not provided help. These this fear will become a trigger for them for their whole life.

Hence, it is essential to first make your child feel safe and secure. If they have been through an incident or a natural disaster or had an ugly encounter with aperson. Try ensuring this will not repeat, and they are now in a safe space. This is among the first few steps to take when seeing a traumatized child.

Show them Love and Warmth.

After a traumatic incident, a child needs your reassurance and love. And that’s precisely what you need to give them right now. You need to deal with them with patience and warmth – Jonah Engler has always warned parents. Who neglect their child’s traumas and fears. Use your words, physical touch, and actions to express your love. Let them know no matter how scared or upset. They are, they can always find a crying shoulder and safe space in you.

Let them Get it Out of their System.

Ignoring your trauma and not dealing with it is an unhealthy coping mechanism. And if you think your child is doing the same –stop them by intervening. Give them their space and time but make sure they let it out of their system. The longer this stays in them, the longer it will keep affecting them. Give them your time and make them feel heard. So they can also talk to you and rely on you in times of emotional need.

Jonah Engler: Help a Traumatized Child

Trauma can affect a child forever if it is not dealt with at the right age. Jonah Englersays if you are a parent of a child who has been traumatized, for whatever reason. You need to take action now. Don’t let trauma slide; it can be very harmful as your kid grows up. Make sure you help them overcome their trauma and support them throughout the process.

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