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Foods to eat and avoid with a stomach ulcer

Stomach ulcers are sores in the lining of the stomach. The symptoms of the condition include sharp and gnawing pain in the stomach. Other signs of stomach ulcers include indigestion, heartburn, reflux etc. The pain from the ulcer can also extend to the back as well. 

There are majorly two reasons for the ulcer; often, it is a result of H. Pylori infection. The other reason for stomach ulcers is taking too much NSAIDs – nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – including aspirin, naproxen etc. 

Stomach ulcers need to be managed with caution, as certain complications can develop that merit urgent intervention of a Gastroenterologist in Lahore

While food will not treat the ulcers but taking a diet that is not compatible with ulcers can lead to the condition becoming worse. Certain foods irritate the lining, leading to increased production of stomach acid that naturally results in pain, and worsening symptoms. 

Foods to eat 

So, to manage the condition better, it is important to partake in certain foods that are light on the stomach. These include:


Berries are not only a great source of antioxidants, but they are also good for the stomach as well. Berries help in limiting the growth of H. pylori, the bacteria chiefly responsible for ulcers. The fact that berries are extremely tasty is just the cherry on top!


Honey has been used in anxiety medicine because of its healing properties, and its impact also extends to improving ulcers as well. It aids in controlling the quantity of H. pylori alongside decreasing the symptoms of indigestion as well. 

So, try to add honey instead of sugar to sweeten your tea or cereal. Since its anti-inflammatory in nature, its impact is even more profound. 


Yogurt is extremely helpful when dealing with stomach ulcers. Not only is the bland yogurt light to consume, and thus easy on the stomach, but it also has probiotics. These are good bacteria that then help in countering the bacteria H. pylori. 

Fermented foods 

Apart from yogurt, there are other fermented foods as well that are good for the stomach. These include miso, kimchi, certain cheeses etc. 

Foods with high fiber content 

Foods that are rich in fiber help in soaking up the acid in the stomach, which can help in making the pain better. Furthermore, alongside easing up on the acid, it also aids in decreasing the symptoms of digestive problems like diarrhea and bloating as well. 

You may go for sources of fiber like psyllium husk, or you may also opt for fruits and vegetables that are excellent sources of fiber as well. Also, go for whole meal grains, as they are high in fiber. 

Foods to avoid 

Certain foods can increase the secretion of acid in the stomach, or serve as food for the bacteria, that naturally then causes the symptoms of ulcer to aggravate. These include:

Acidic foods 

Acid is the very thing that we are trying to avoid and consuming it will thus be counterproductive. Hence, cut back on the acidic foods; the lemonades and the lime chicken that you enjoy need to be cut back. Similarly, sodas are also not good, also because they are high in sugar. 

Natural foods like tomatoes are also high in acid, and therefore their intake needs to be moderated. 

Fried foods 

Fried foods are not only rich, and thus harder to digest, but they can also increase inflammation in the body. Moreover, certain fried foods also contain a lot of salt, and thus are even worse for the stomach. 

Spicy foods 

Spice can irritate the lining of the stomach, and thus cause the symptoms to exacerbate. They might also cause acid reflux as well. 

Visiting the doctor 

If despite the diet, your symptoms are not improving, then you must consult your Gastroenterologist in Rawalpindi for an even more robust treatment plan. 

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