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Best Sports Logos: Winning Examples For Your Club or Team

Whether you’re part of a budding team or an established sports club, developing an iconic logo is crucial to the success of your venture. Strong logos can become instantly recognizable symbols of your club that inspire devotion and support from fans. They also provide opportunities to increase revenue through memorabilia and other merchandise. The possibilities are endless but there are a few key design elements that go into shaping the best sports logos. Below we will explore what makes a great sports logo design and show you some winning examples!

Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings are one of the oldest professional sports teams in North America, having been founded in 1926. Their sport logo is a classic design with a rich history. The team name, logo, and uniform colors all come from their first owner James Norris’ love of hockey. He wanted to name his team after the popular poem titled “The Victors”, which is about a group of soldiers who fought for their country during World War I.

One thing that makes this logo so great is its longevity: it’s changed only slightly over time (in comparison to other logos). The original logo featured an image of an American bald eagle holding what looks like a banner in his mouth; nowadays the same image appears on their crest as well as on both sides of their hockey sticks! As far as we can tell, this is the longest-lasting NHL mascot ever created—and we think it deserves some recognition!

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies logo is a great example of a logo that combines both the team name and mascot. The ‘P’ is shaped like the letter, with a small baseball above it. It’s simple and easy to remember, so it works well in memory recall marketing campaigns.

Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers logo is one of the most striking and recognizable in baseball. It was created by team president and general manager Tom Schieffer in 1961, just as the club was being established. The logo uses a silhouette of a lone star for its centerpiece, with the team’s name and the city also included.

The logo has remained unchanged since its inception and can be seen on all official uniforms used by players today.

New York Rangers

The New York Rangers, their logo is a tribute to the old New York Americans. The sailor holding a hockey stick was designed by William M. Chadwick and first appeared in 1926 on sweaters for players who had fought in World War I.

The Rangers’ current logo is still blue and white, but it’s updated with modernized colors as well as a more detailed depiction of the sailor’s face.

Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are a Major League Baseball team based in Seattle, Washington. They are one of two MLB teams based in Washington, the other being the Washington Nationals. The Mariners were founded as an expansion franchise in 1977 and have played their home games at Safeco Field since 1999.

The team’s name is derived from the rich history of the fishing culture in the city of Seattle, where there are many lakes (called marinas). It was also chosen because it did not infringe upon any existing trademarks or copyrights held by other organizations at that time.

The logo has remained largely unchanged since its inception, with only minor modifications over time such as color changes or font tweaks here and there.

Montreal Canadiens and Chicago Blackhawks

  • The Montreal Canadiens professional logo is a classic example of an old-school hockey jersey with a modern twist. A red, white, and blue color scheme makes it look like something you’d see on the ice in the ’40s or ’50s—but if you zoom in, you’ll notice that all three colors are actually stylized lettering spelling out “CH.” This clever design pays homage to the team’s name while also giving off an aura of classicism that makes it appropriate for both newfangled and traditional fans alike.
  • The Chicago Blackhawks logo features a white silhouette of an elegant bird soaring above a black crest filled with stars representing notable achievements such as Stanley Cups won (five) and league championships won (11). It’s hard not to feel inspired by this image: Even though there are no words written anywhere on this logo, its simplicity speaks volumes about what kind of team we’re dealing with here: one that knows how good they are and isn’t afraid to let everyone know just how much they’ve achieved over their long history together as one cohesive unit—and yes, I’m talking about both humans and animals alike!

Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies logo is a great example of how a sports team’s logo can be based on the local scenery. The logo was designed by David Wright and has been in use since 1991. It features a mountain goat, which is also known as an ibex or cony, as a nod to Colorado’s state animal.

The mountain skyline on which the Colorado Rockies’ logo was based includes the Flatirons (a group of rock formations) that overlook downtown Denver. Although those peaks aren’t immediately recognizable in the team’s current version of its official mascot—it looks more like an aggressive skier who has just collided with another skier—the original logo does feature these mountains prominently.

New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors

The New York Knicks’ logo is a classic. It’s clean and simple, with a basketball and a silhouette of the city skyline. The Golden State Warriors are another NBA team that uses the silhouette of their home city’s skyline in their logo, but theirs is more complex than the Knicks’, incorporating mountains, waterfalls, and clouds in addition to buildings.

Final words

So now you know how to create amazing cool sports logos that will inspire your team or club with confidence. It’s time to get started! Use our suggestions above, then take a look at what some of the best-known brands have done with their logos to give yourself even more inspiration. 

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