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Israel Medical Association aiding torture of a Palestinians, rights group says

Israel Medical Association aiding torture of a Palestinians, rights group says

Physicians for Human Rights has recorded a complaint to the International Medical Syndicate against the Israel Medical Association, claiming it systematically denies and subjugates the right to health and safety of Palestinians.

The four main issues detailed in the complaint incorporate compromising the safety of Palestinian medical staff during Israeli raids as well as the right of Palestinian patients to get health care. Israeli clinics

It also records the occupation of specialists assisting in the torture of Palestinians at the hands of Israel’s Shin Bet information agency.

The NGO adds that the Israel Medical Association neglected the declarations acquainted with it about Gaza youths being conveyed of the Strip for treatment without their parents.

The complaint is made out of valid proof from local and international bodies that the Israel Medical Association has repeatedly failed in its obligation to safeguard the right of Palestinians to health because of Israeli military aggressions.

It states: “On the basis of the field data we have gathered, we assume that the Israel Medical Association is complicit in these ethical failures and net violations of human rights, and even, from time to time, offers clear assistance to it.”

“Subsequently, for example, considering information submitted to the Israel Medical Association regarding the Israeli police raging the French Hospital in Jerusalem during the funeral of Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, the head of the Israeli Medical Association, Professor Zion Hagai, wouldn’t censure the episode, essentially because it happened in a Palestinian hospital.”

Israeli officers attacked Abu Akleh’s funeral parade as it set off from the French Hospital in the Sheik Jarrah area.

Physicians for Human Rights has called on the International Medical Syndicate to bear its liabilities and carry out practical measures to guarantee that the Israel Medical Association adheres to values and standards set by the international medical local area.

Jay Shalev, boss general of Physicians for Human Rights, said: “There are examples from the world, as in Turkey for example, in which the local specialists’ association is at the front of the battle against human rights violations. We don’t hear, unfortunately, the voice of the Medical Association in Israel, almost absolutely, as the association fails to address the violations of the occupation, and the apartheid that has been happening for a seriously significant time-frame.”

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