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Is It Necessary to Flush the Hot Water Heater?

Water heaters are the most overlooked appliances at home. Many homeowners are unaware that flushing their water heater annually will prevent the harmful impacts of hard water. Consulting plumbers in San Jose can help you maintain your water heater functionality. When and why flushing a water heater at home prevents costly problems. Routine maintenance services are important to preserve the functionality and lifespan of your water heater and continuous water pressure. A specialist will examine and clean your water heater as part of maintenance.

What if you do not flush your water heater?

Over time, mineral content accumulates at the water heater’s base, causing blockages. Calcium and magnesium-containing minerals and silt that accumulate need to be removed to ensure the smooth functioning of the water heater. So, calling a local plumber in San Jose to flush your water heater is necessary.

Your water heater will have to work harder if sediment is allowed to build up inside, and it could also develop some problems. For instance, if sediment is beyond a limit, you may notice it coming out of your faucets.

Sediment can result in worse problems over time, such as a pipe leak, water pressure drop, or even the tank itself breaking down. Usually, these issues begin to come out after two to five years.

  • Reduced Efficiency: Your water heater will heat the water in the tankless effectively as sediment builds up at the bottom of the tank.
  • Corrosion: If your water heater is used for an extended period without a flush, corrosion may reduce its structural integrity.
  • Safety: Your water heater contains a vital pressure-relief valve that keeps pressure from building up in the tank. Sediment build-up may obstruct this valve.

You should drain and wash out this mineral deposit every 4-6 months if you live in a hard water location. The amount of silt that can amass in the tank in a relatively short period will affect the water heater’s functioning. Delay can push you to call for major water heater repairs in San Jose.

You might want to think about the size of your household, in any case. The amount of hot water utilized increases with household size.

If you’re unsure how frequently to flush your water heater, consider your household size:

  • 1-2 residents: Annual tank cleaning.
  • 3-5.people: Every eight months.
  • 6+ residents: Every six months.

Poor maintenance leads to water heater decay, resulting in declining function. Sometimes, you may need to call an expert for a new water heater installation in San Jose.


You may enjoy hot water for years running from a neglected water heater, but it will eventually stop working and increase your utility bills. The best approach to safeguard your investment is to have a certified plumber service once a year. Experts know how to flush hot water heater and flush your water heater to ensure its better functioning. Professional plumbers perform a detailed inspection, which includes testing thermostats and valves, the anode rod replacement to avoid corrosion, the tank flushing, and checking for rust, leaks, and other issues.

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