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Is It Illegal To Ride A Bike Without A Helmet?

Every year, more and more countries have laws in place that require cyclists to wear helmets while riding bikes. Even though the main objective of this law is to protect cyclists, there are also other reasons. In the US, helmet regulations are dispersed, peculiar, and often challenging to follow.

The fundamental issue is that many states forgo enacting bike helmet rules altogether and leave it up to local governments to decide. As a result, many jurisdictions have very different bike helmet rules.

Except for the fact that even in the majority of states where bike helmets are required, the absence of one is not admissible in court as a defense to reduce the credits given in cases of injury or death. Moreover, there are no comprehensive federal laws governing bike helmets, and there is very little consistency from state to state.

Helmet Laws In Different States Of The USA

If you’re driving in the USA, it’s essential to know where you can and can’t wear a helmet. Here’s why and where you can wear a helmet in the US without getting a ticket. Currently, twenty-eight states do not have helmet legislation. At the same time, twenty-two states have laws with the majority of the variance relating to the rider’s age. Unless specified otherwise, when we use the term “rider” in this context, we refer to any person using the bike, whether the operator or a passenger. 

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Many cities, counties, and municipalities in the states pass their bike helmet regulations. 

For instance, Anchorage in Alaska has bike helmet laws. Even though Alaska as a whole does not have regulations. If you are a rider under the age of 15, you must wear a helmet while riding in any public space. You’ll receive a warning and a $25 fine if you don’t.

Generally speaking, this is where it is acceptable to ride a bike without a helmet.

Always check local laws before riding anywhere to see what they say about wearing helmets or not. Generally speaking, the state will submit to local regulations when it comes to helmet laws.

Even in states where the law prohibits riding without a helmet, it is only forbidden for those younger than a specific age. Adults of legal age are never required to wear helmets if they don’t wish to (unless municipal law states otherwise, of course).

Helmets And Adult Cyclists

In other words, you won’t trouble the law if you’re an adult riding a bike without a helmet. It does not, however, rule out getting into physical difficulty.

Keep in mind that, aside from any precautions you may be wearing, you are fully vulnerable while riding a bike compared to cars. Although cycling fatalities make up a very small percentage in the US, they are among the most easily avoidable.

There were 835 cycling fatalities in 2016. Of those fatalities, 424 riders (51%) were not wearing helmets at the time of their deaths. Moreover, 16% of fatalities (137 persons) were wearing a helmet, while 33% (274) had no idea whether they were wearing one or not. In 1975, 97% of cyclists who died (776) were not wearing a helmet, compared to 2% (19) and one unknown. These figures have decreased since then. 

A person can also wear a Dual Sport Helmet to reduce the danger. Additionally, wearing a bike helmet lowers the risk of facial injuries by 33%, fatal head injuries by 65%, severe head injuries by 60%, and brain injuries by 50%. Bicycle accidents with helmet use: a systematic review and meta-analysis, International Journal of Epidemiology 46(1), 278–292, 2016-07-22 (Olivier J, Creighton P).

But the use of helmets continues to be a point of contention. Many people oppose the Bicycle helmet regulations because making individuals wear helmets will reduce their likelihood of riding their bikes. Helmets are inconvenient, uncomfortable, and unattractive. Thus, people are more likely to drive, take cabs, ride buses, or utilize other transportation.

Wear A Helmet In All Circumstances

According to conflicting studies, people are riding their bikes less frequently because they don’t want to wear helmets. While others claim that the increase in helmet use is to blame for the decrease in injuries. Additionally, it is challenging to enforce helmet use and would consume police resources.

Ultimately, though, we continue to advise donning a helmet. Being hurt or killed in an accident because you weren’t wearing a helmet is a heartbreaking loss that a person could have easily avoided. Nowadays, keeping safe without worrying about your appearance is much simpler. Thanks to the abundance of appealing, comfortable, and fashionable bike helmets available.

Protect yourself while you ride the motorbike. In most collisions between a car and a bike, barricades and a bike, or just about anything and a bike (apart from pedestrians), the bike and the cyclist usually come off the worst. However, wearing a helmet allows you to enjoy yourself and remain healthy for a very long time.

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