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Introduction To NDIS And Disability Services

What Is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a disability support program started by the Australian government to help people living with any significant or permanent impairment that leads to disability. This program is designed to help the participants lead independent lives and reach their goals. NDIS provides a wide range of support to its participants and funds to access those support services.

EnableU provides disability support services in Sydney. They are registered service providers and have connections with professional support workers.

Disability Services Under NDIS

Every participant has different needs, and NDIS funds the support for each participant after analysing their condition. Following are some of the disability services funded under NDIS in different budget categories.

Assistance With Daily Living

One of the essential services under NDIS is assistance with daily living. This support enables the participant to receive daily care. Participants can hire support workers to help them in their everyday activities like cooking, dressing, showering, eating, toileting, etc.


Some of the NDIS participants face trouble travelling on public transport because of the lack of facilities. NDIS provides the funding for transport to enable those participants so they can commute to work, school, community activities, or any place that brings them close to their NDIS goals.

Assistive Technology

One of the primary goals of this support program is to help the participants lead independent lives, and some participants need the help of technology to move around the house and the community. NDIS provides them with sufficient funds, so they are able to purchase high-cost assistive technology for their condition.

Assistance With Community Activities

Socialising is essential, and NDIS participants have a harder time connecting with new people. Staying at home all day can cause loneliness, and NDIS wants its participants to participate in community activities so they can meet new people. Participants can take the support workers to their community settings for support in case they need anything. This service allows the participants to learn new things and develop new hobbies.

Finding & Keeping A Job

Some participants have a goal of finding a job. NDIS helps them find the right job for their health and allows them to support their work so they can keep working. The support workers who assist the participants at their workplace are responsible for ensuring that the participant doesn’t feel any discomfort. Once the participant feels completely comfortable on his own, the support worker can stop assisting them.

Support Coordination

NDIS also provides the fund for support coordination in participants’ NDIS plan. If a participant does not have anyone who can manage their NDIS plan and connect them with the right support, the participant might be eligible for this service. A support coordinator helps the participants in finding the right support providers for their plan and presents them with many options to choose from.

How Can Participants Access The Support?

Once a participant gets registered with NDIS, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) conducts a planning meeting to discuss the participant’s goals and needs. Participants can request the support they consider necessary for their condition, and NDIA allows the funding after assessing the request. Once the NDIS plan is finalised, the participant can hire a service provider to help him understand his NDIS plan.

NDIS plans can be daunting for new participants as there are many services and different categories of budgets for different purposes. A service provider can help you understand and manage your NDIS plan so you can make the most of this program. You can also change the support you’re receiving under NDIS and request different services in the plan review meetings. These meetings are conducted to check the participants’ progress so relevant changes can be made and participants can keep moving toward their goals.

If you’re looking for disability support services in Sydney, reach out to EnableU. They have experienced support workers who can help you make the most of your NDIS plan.

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